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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Highway to Hell...OR...Unity through Diversity

I'm sure you all are as sick of watching these six candidates slinging shit as I am, but with the writer's strike, post football and history channel reruns, what's a good Knight got left to do? My first impression, as one who was born ignorant, was to start traveling down the Road to Hell with these six carrying me in their hand basket. Then I remembered Confucius saying, "Ignorance is like a dark night, but without stars and a moon." This enlightened me and brought be back from my cave man mentality of just wanting to beat the shit out of everyone, to maybe I should put on my armor of a Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale and discern the diversity here.

Considering that Edwards is out, I'll look at the remaining five. Beginning with Diversity at its finest, we have a woman and a black man who can seriously be nominated by their party for the first time in our history. On the Republican side there doesn't on the surface appear to be as much diversity, but being raised by southern conservative parents I was able to put my childhood lenses on and discovered that:
1. Romney isn't one of us by being Mormon and Very Rich, though he tends to flop more than the pancakes at IHOP.
2. McCain is the brave war hero that everyone respects but something happened to his mind in that Prison in Vietnam and he came out speaking his mind, something that scares the hell out of thick-skulled conservatives like Rush Limbaugh (Thus his basing of McCain not being conservative enough because he wants to reach out to people who don't believe like they do! Really, Rush is just worried about his job after January.) Besides, McCain has the thirty year younger trophy wife, no offense to her.
3. Huckabee being cut from the same cloth as me, a Southern Baptist minister (yes, I confess Father, I was one once.) who is not afraid to cross the bridges that the majority of Southern Baptist wouldn't dare, like playing bass in a rock band, and cracking jokes with Stephen Colbert.

So, there really is a lot of unity through diversity going on here under the surface and spin doctors. My suggestion, stay informed and drink plenty of strong ale to help your brain process the bull-shit from the good-shit!
Good Voting!
Sir Hook of Warrick


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    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. I enjoy the quirkiness of this site and visit often. Maybe I should try and join (Sir Richard of Montreal?) but I'm more of a wine man, myself so I'm not sure I qualify.

    Sir Hook, you seem like a really interesting guy. Raised fundamentalist, Baptist pastor and now practicing Roman Catholic, appreciator of spirituality in general and merry bon vivant . I'm intrigued by that sort of spiritual journey and would love to know how it all happened. Do tell us.