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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Corp of Discovery Invades England

Most of you are aware by now of the "serious" breech of protocol preformed by First Lady Michelle Obama while visiting the Queen in Buckingham Palace. You don't bloody well touch the least not in public. We Americans find such "up tight" methods "out of site". The real surprise; however, was the Queen returning the touch with a slightly nervous "Michael Jackson White Glove" approach. There you have it...the first wave of the Corp of Discovery from America invades England.

Needless to say, the Pandora Box of emotions are now open at Buckingham Palace. I got a kick out of the above cartoon from the San Diego newspaper. Centuries of repressed emotions are about to flood the UK...thanks to the "Touch"! What's Next?!!!

It's only logical that the Queen will recognize in July that the Founding Father of the KMSA, complete with English pedigree, will be the next logical choice to lead the royals into the next millennium. Knights and Ladies...I give you the Prince of Wells...Sir Hook of Warrick!

It's good to be the least in my own Corp of Discovery mind!

Sir Hook the Prince of Wells of Warrick


  1. Yeah right..cowboy... until i went to the States i had never heard of the phrases "personal Space" and "Appropriate behavior", and the fact you can end up in jail in the US for such things... ( not that i did. )

    LOL... anyway. We don't call it up tight with the Royal Family, its called deference and respect... which you will do well to remember Mr Wells :)) ...or you will be in the Tower Of London longer than just the tourist sessions.

    Sir Dayvd ( We won't barf on your flag so.. NO TOUCHING OUR QUEEN....GOT IT?? )of Oxfordshire

  2. Too Funny!

    What we didn't see was M.O. grasping the Queen in a headlock and giving her a nuggie. "Nuggie Patrol!"

    Sir Hook, is that your hand on her arse? She does seem to be enjoying it.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  3. I noticed the Queen smiling too - who wouldn't with meeting Sir Hook?!

    one more thing to remember next July

    don't touch the Queen...

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
    who has attempted Guitar Hero playing

  4. Dang Right Suz... touching the Queen, quickest way to get a Brit off his horse and putting his Dooks up...LOL.. but true.

    Sir Dayvd ( the touchy Subject ) of O

  5. Too much fun! LOL! I knew I would get the otherwise logical and open minded Sir D up on his hind legs with this one! You can take the Brit out of the country, but you can't take the Brit out of the matter how progressive he thinks himself! LOL!

    All I can say is QE2 better hide from this errant Knight in July. Yes, Sir Bowie, I know exactly how to make her majesty smile!

    Remember, there have been royals with less legitimate claim to the throne than me. OK, maybe not...but it makes one hell of a story!

    Now, which way to the Tower?

    Sir Hook Still the Prince of Wells of Warrick

  6. P.S. Only a "Cowboy" (How Colonial!) can now where to stick a Burr up your Arse! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Cow Poke of Warrick

  7. Yup....Wars have been fought over less.. folk have lost their heads and been drawn and quartered on top of that...for lack of deference...

    Now it seems that every slick willy, here today, gone tomorrow, politician from around the world , despite being warned not to, wants to make their name mauling the Queen, who is our head of State, not some cutsie Grandmammy.

    I must say even Dubya , who tried to give Angeka Merkal a back rub, knew when to keep his paws off....

    still we are used to all this ATL stuff from the US leaders...

    The Louche uber laid back Obama's who have taken pallyness to new heights... didn't realise the state secret that the brits know that the world doesn't ... that QE2 is a raving lesbian, and what she was reported as saying when the photo was taken was... " Phillip, you should see the size of this gals ass, its as big as Iceland" outlined in this communique from the Court and printed in the Times the next day...

    BUCKINGHAM Palace has ended months of speculation after announcing that the Queen is gay with a fondness for tall, powerful black women.

    The announcement came just hours after Her Majesty was pictured resting her hand a few inches above the buttocks of US First Lady Michelle Obama.

    A spokesman said: "After careful consideration and following consultation with the prime minister and the leaders of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has confirmed that she is totally gay, especially for statuesque black ladies."

    Royal observers had expected the Queen to make a move on the wife of a foreign head of state at some point this year with French first lady Carla Bruni the clear favourite.

    Constitutional expert Denys Finch-Hatton said: "Everyone knows the story about the pillow fight with Imelda Marcos after a state banquet in 1974, but the Palace always dismissed it as nothing more than playful hi-jinx."

    He added: "It shouldn't affect Her Majesty's constitutional position in any way, as long as she doesn't want to divorce Prince Philip and marry a nun."

    The White House stressed that Mrs Obama was flattered by the Queen's attention but that she did not like her in that way.

    A spokesman said: "The First Lady was just being friendly and is sorry if she gave out the wrong signals. Nevertheless we wish Her Majesty well in her search for a broad-shouldered black Amazon who can finally let her express all those things that she's bottled up inside for so long."

    Meanwhile Prince Philip is understood to be fascinated with his wife's new sexual orientation but has urged her to steer clear of inscrutable Chinese lesbians.

    Sir Dayvd ( the Queen's Lifeguard ) of Oxfordshire

  8. Now that's some choice news Sir D! Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "A stiff upper lip"!

    I got two words for Her Majesty...Grace Jones!

    Sir Hook Who's Pinning to be a Knight of the Garter of Warrick