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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hold Life Lightly

Yesterday morning I had a meeting with one of my clients in Columbus, Ohio. It was a beautiful cloudless 70 degree day. The cool breeze ushered in a overwhelming feeling of gratitude for being alive.

I had to make two trips from my car, as I was delivering some brochures we just designed. My first trip I ran into an older oriental lady who was coming out of the office complex. Being the chivalrous Knight and courteous gentleman I am, I decided to open and hold the door open for her to ease her trip outside. We exchanged a short pleasant conversation about the beauty of the day.

On my next trip out I caught her a bit surprised as she was leaning down and picking the purple flowers planted along the sidewalk. My first impression was one of humor of her first expression...but when I didn't complain about her thievery, her expression went from surprise back to one of being lost in the beauty of the flower, complete with a divine smile of appreciation while holding the freshly picked flower.

I too was lost in her moment of fixation. In a matter of seconds I was transported to a Japanese Zen Garden while contemplating the simple beauty and complexity of life.

That is when I could hear the flower screaming, "Please, I was just enjoying this beautiful sunny day with you. Now, clutched in your hands that plucked me from my life source, I am dying."

Perhaps its the Cherokee in me, that all living things are sacred, even flowers. They are not to be possessed, but to be admired.

Hold Life Lightly
Hold Love Lightly
Hold Each Other Lightly

Why does mankind always desire to possess?

Waving in the wind
The purple flower inspires
As it dies a beautiful death

Sir Hook the Zen Cherokee Colonial Brit of Warrick


  1. The sign entering one of my favorite hiking trails at University of Southern Indiana reads something like: Take only photographs and leave only a footprints."

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. something i must check...but i think its illegal to pick wildflowers here now.

    Sir Dayvd ( the police are everywhere waiting to make you a felon ) lol...of Oxofrdshire

  3. Excellent post, and somewhat timely for me, as I have been trying to keep that desire to possess in check.

    Also? It was indeed a lovely day in Columbus yesterday...

  4. The desire to posses is indeed a strong human emotion. It has ended many loving relationships, friendships and locked up its fair share of illegal collectors (shop lifters and thieves).

    Greed usually fuels the desire to posses, and greed is usually an ugly side effect of fear...fear of not having enough, fear of not having what someone else has, fear of not being able to have this experience again, etc.

    So, to check your desire to posses, one most first conquer their root of fear, in what ever way that manifests itself in your life.

    Sir Hook the Bloging Spiritual Professor of Warrick

  5. why do we need to possess?

    In the end all we take with us into the light, is the love that has been given and shared

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
    whose wisdom came through experience

  6. I agree entirely suzanne !!

    Sir Dayvd ( who's now hoping Lady Suzanne is going to pack 5 extra suitcases of her possessions to give to him, when she visits in the summer ) of Oxfordshire :)))

  7. oh you English men DO like to wear women's clothing and shoes don't you?!

    2009 goals include sorting through things collected in the past 25 years we've lived in this house - all of our grandparents passed away and we have lots of things from their houses and stuff from two daughters - anything in particular you're wishing for??

    we just might have it!

    let me know : )

  8. mmmm women's clothing.... Don't knock it till you try what I I believe they are very comfortable and make you feel verra Sssshexxy LOl..

    Grandpappy's belongings? oooo..i'll have that original Andrew Wyeth that was hanging over the fireplace please...:))

    ....and the pair of Granmom's blue Court shoes ..if she took size 9 UK. :))


  9. Don't forget that Uncle Milty was a profoundly experienced wearer of women's clothes, but I must agree with Lady S...only British men have the ability to carry it off with style! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Knickers Lover of Warrick

  10. as i say don't knock it till you try it...:))

    nah i'll just send the blogs, with deference to the FF and put them in the queue... i'd hate to assume anyone want s to rad what i write...and so i welcome the fact they get past their editotrial gates..

    The more bloggers the better...i'd love all 80 odd knights and ladies blogging that woul;d be fun...


  11. we'll see.. i've heard of the pickles poor Bowster gets in sometimes writing stuff up... so i'll look into it...

    Sir D ( Barack with Susan Boyle, thats the photo i want to see...then i'll know the world is starting to come right at last after the horror of the Bush and Britany years.....) of Oxfordshire