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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, April 25

There is a book that has been sitting around our house for a couple of years:
Evansville in Motion / walking and running paths of Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

It is an excellent publication listing 27 plus a bonus site complete with maps, parking information, and safety tips.

Of course, there is also information about studies that show aerobic exercise helps 12 different areas of physical and mental aspects of our bodies. And hints about walking shoes, dressing for the weather and stretching exercises to warm - up and cool - down.

What this brochure doesn't do is get you up and out the door.

It takes a group of like-minded people to do that. In my case, it came up in a discussion earlier in the week when a few of us women had met at Hornville Tavern to have a cold beer and catch up on our lives.
This group was formed by me when we all had children in the fifth grade and we kept running into each other at school events, ballgames, scouts (I was the scout leader for a long long long time, but I digress!) and we noticed that most of what we were doing was running with our kids. So the "Lunch Bunch" was born - lunches out while the kids were at school.

First rule: we only allowed 5 minutes of talk about kids and teachers, school, etc.
Second rule: we called each other by our names, not " so and so's mother"
Third rule: we went to restaurants that our husbands and/or kids didn't like
Fourth rule: we had fun!

Now the last of those kids have left for college. We could be more appropriatley called the "Bar Bunch". Being women, we feel as if we need to be productive and not just sit around drinking, though we do that too!

SO this morning, we put on our walking shoes, stretched out, warmed up, grabbed our water bottles and made the first walk on the list. Twice. Yep, we had so much fun, we did it again!

Then we dated and initialed the walk and planned for the second walk.

Stay tuned.

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
who is out walking while Sir Bowie is tent camping to celebrate his birthday


  1. Lady Suzanne, your group sounds wonderful! How lucky you are to have each other!

  2. Welcome Lady S, with your first full official blog! It's nice to have a female perspective amongst all this armor wearing, testosterone charged, cigar chomping, ale swilling, monkey men!

    But not to digress with a spirited discussion on evolution, one of Sir D's favorites!

    Happy Birthday to your lesser half, Sir Bowie! Happy continued success with the Lunch/Bar Bunch. Perhaps some recruiting would be in order for more Ladies of the Realm?!

    I was privileged to join such a group of ladies in Nashville last night at the Jack Daniels Saloon after our Convention Ending Party.

    Perhaps it's that I'm the only male in a group of female cousins growing up in Southern Illinois, other than Sir John, who was either living in Detroit or Atlanta. Anyway, I have always been able to relate well with women, and I don't mean the pick-up line way, the real "as equals" way. You guys are so much more fun than a similar group of males on a purely in-tune with life kind of way.

    There was a comedian at one of our luncheons earlier in the week, who said it best. When his wife was pregnant he would come home and talk about what all he did, and then ask what she did that day, to which she would respond, "Oh, I just made a lung today!" As he said, "I can't compete with making body parts!"

    Sir Hook the Plutonic Lover of Women of Warrick

  3. Our once a month, early sunday morning, Sping-summer month Walking Group comprises largely of co-workers / friends I made during the early years of employment in microbiology research.. Friends who i don't keep in touch with regularly by email,....

    but we find that criss-crossing the county of Oxfordshire for six to 8 miles a time, and ending up in some down the lane rustic Inn to pile on the pounds we burn off with a Sunday Roast and couple of pints, and a good gossip and "Puttin' the world to rights" very refreshing....

    We each take it in turns to set up a walk of interest, and in Oxon we are lucky to have historical things every few miles so it is very easy to string together a step back in time.

    Tomorrow its William Morris's Kelmscott. My favourite hero.

    Happy Birthday to Bowie... which day is it?? today?? He's still the cubby of the group.
    Ahh Pioneering Backwoodsmen... where all the excitement
    is In-Tents :))

    Sir D

  4. Sir D, I hope you enjoy your walk tomorrow!
    and thank you Sir Hook (plutonic? lover) and Lady Tammy, I agree, a group of women friends is more valuable than gold!

    Just talked to Sir Bowie and he is enjoying his birthday/camp retreat
    immensely...will be home tomorrow for a thorough tick check ; )

  5. Suz... did the early American Pioneers have Cell Phones with them then?? :)) what happened to getting lost in the wilderness and pining for your gal back home :))

    D of O