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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Testing, testing one two three

Sir Hook so kindly invited me join the blogging world - so here I am!

Just getting my feet wet for today.

In the future, I will bring more deep thoughts!

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar


  1. Whooohooo come on in Suzanne...the waters

    great to have you in at last.. tho i am that much of a dork i still have to send mine to Bowie and Hooky to put on... well it is their blog my excuse :))

    Looking forward to the Ladies point of view... Yay...lets hear it for the Girls!!!

    Sir D ( the ladies man ) of Oxfordshire

  2. Welcome! Ditto on Sir D's comments. Now, we have to teach him how to do his own.

    Sir Hook Who Always Loves a Woman of Warrick

  3. Just sent Sir D an invitation to post on his own....again! LOL! We Americans are getting tired of showing you Brits how to do things right! LOL! (And ducking the shoes!)

    Sir Hook the Mouthy Colonial of Warrick

  4. Looking forward to your deeper thoughts, Lady Suzanne!

    The newly appointed Lady Howard