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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The day that I first heard I was going to be a father (the day before Father’s day, 1986) I went out and bought a simple journal to log events in my child's life.

Two daughters and 22 plus journals later...

I read a few of those “milestones” at Amy’s wedding -- just a few paragraphs from 22 plus years of journals filled with a lot of “firsts” (steps, words, places visited, people met…) and a few painfully sad “lasts” (good-byes to school days, activities, loved ones…).

(Sir Bowie reading from Page 1 of Journal 1. Photo Credit: Michelle Forche

That morning as I read through a lot of the pages trying to edit my comments down to a manageable toast (after all, I didn’t want Amy, Mark, and all the guests to starting yelling, “shut up old man and let’s cut the cake!”) I realized that the word “milestone” was too strong. In most cases, these were just tiny little events that had special meaning only to me.

But if not “milestones,” what were they?

I was reading an article today on and came across the perfect term: “milepebbles.”

Which lead me to Marina’s blog

“Better Than Milestones: Retracing my steps to collect random memories: they are the milepebbles of my life.”

I also found another article that summed it all up beautifully, Mile Pebbles Are The Little Moments That Melt Your Heart Written by Anita Myers

She writes that she is constantly going through little moments in life with her daughter that have not exactly earned the title of "milestones" yet are still valued in her heart. So she calls them "milepebbles".

“They are the moments that enter through your eyes, whisper into your heart, create a wonderful swell of love within your spirit and finally leave you with a lump in your throat.”

In her case, they are the moments that “You realize precious moments happening yesterday remain right there - yesterday. That moment, without notice, left the party... and a new and different moment took it's place.”



It's true that most days aren’t filled with milestones; however, every day is full of milepebbles.

May our eyes be open to see them.

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. day 2 of new job - I'm working right beside the Labor/Delivery at the hospital and every time a baby is born the Brahm's Lullaby is played

    it literally makes everyone stop what they are doing and smile

    a tiny pebble in my day and a huge milestone in some family's life

    Lady S
    keeping my eyes and ears open!

  2. awwww you big old softy.... one minute wearing a mask to look butch the next reading his journals in public... an all round New Man.

    Talking of milestones... and coming after losing so many Young friends....a good friend of mine in PA celebrated her 100th birthday..Monday 29th.

    Now Thats a Milestone which ever way you slice it... and boy has she lived thru some American History.

    Sir dayvd ) happy Birthday mary ) of Oxfordshireness

  3. This was a beautiful and utterly true post. Milepebbles has been added to my personal lexicon.

    Lady T.

  4. Milepebbles are like Half Pints that leave you craving for more! Every second is a milestone for the aware!

    Sir Hook Who Prefers Bam Bam over Pebbles and Pints over Half Pints of Warrick

    P.S. Did like the concept, just a little too soft for this warrior; however, I love the song by ELP about casting a pebble in the sea!

  5. One more thought on Milepebbles. They are the bi-product of when I slam through a Milestone!

    Sir Bam Bam Hook of Warrick

  6. Grasshopper, in a relative world if everything is a milestone, nothing is a milestone.

  7. milestones...are they a bit like gallstones...?...only a bit less painful....:))

  8. Some milestones are very painful to pass! I'll take the difficult milepebbles and the easy's that for compromise? LOL!

    Besides, to a grasshopper, every milepebble looks like a gigantic milestone!

    Does the tree still make a sound in the forest if you're not there? OK, I'm done being a smart ass martial arts student.....for now! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Hopper Finger of Warrick

  9. Nobody knows what an empty room looks like.

    think about it. of O

  10. I think it looks like a Colorado White-Out!

    Sir Hook Who Is Heading for the Light of Warrick

  11. The room looks like:
    In the white room, with black curtains, near the station

  12. oh the one with the black roof and the non gold pavements.

    D ( sidewalks are pavements here ) of O