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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sir Woody of Long

Reading Sir Dayvd's blog about his friend, Steven Wells, reminded me to stop and smell the roses and remember what is truly important. High on that list is the nurturing of friends. Not just acquaintances, but sweat and blood friends, pick you from the bowls of hell friends, take a bullet for you friends, can write your life story friends...and still have plenty of secrets left to ponder on while they drink a toast to your honor on your grave!

As I commented on that excellent blog, In the midst of life we are in death, I can count those kind of friends on one hand. Actually four to date.

I recently had the good fortune to receive a letter from one of those, who I have not communicated with for a couple of years. In stumbling through his father-in-laws tackle box, he came across packages of gold fishing hooks that my dad used as calling cards when he was a traveling salesman. Kirk and me go a long way back to our kindergarten days. We have experienced a wealth of joys, sorrows, hell raising, and stories that only he and I will ever know. He is also only one of two people who know the origins of "Hook".

I rejoice to have my friend back, the voice of Fairfield radio, and newly knighted Sir Woody of Long.

Count your friends and rejoice with them today!

Sir Hook the Golden Fishhook of Warrick


  1. I read once that A friend will bail you out of jail. A true friend is sitting next to you in jail saying, "Damn, that was fun!"

    I'm too old to want to do anything that requires bail, but I still want to have some fun and share a beer with friends.

    Sir Bowie "always working to earn a finger from Sir Hook" of Greenbriar

  2. Yes, I did bail one finger out of jail on Christmas Eve, plus paid off his debts, which is why here was there, so he could be with his family.

    You, Sir Bowie are one of my fingers. Welcome to the Jolly Four Muskateers!

    Sir Hook Who Almost Has A Handful of Warrick

  3. heh...ah Gaol and friends,...I've got a good book in me about those fun how long have you got... favorite? lol... oh 20th st precinct station.. NY... ' even convinced them I was a Viscount... ummmmm the grim Cells in Mombasa...Kenya where i met one my oldest friends, Pete... only to be sharing a drunk tank with him a year later, visiting him in Bradford, Yorkshire,.....after promising his wife faithfully that i'd keep us out of trouble...

    Oxford, being the medieval transit camp it is...means you pile up the friends...till you can virtually travel round the world, popping in to see folk, like stepping stones, that and the Music Industry...sheesh...overwhelming.

    Happy hippy Friendships......ah now i know where my days

    Sir dayvd ( who is back from the worlds largest musical, spiritual and arts festival and mud and sunshine heaven, at Glastonbury..with no more laundry than what he stood up in... ) of Oxfordshire. Rather wonderful