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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

KMSA Thought for the Day #2


"The Now is all, it's the Now that is eternal"
(David Hockney)

Sir Dayvd ( never believe what an artist says, only what they do ) of Oxfordshire


  1. A true statement; however, tomorrow I'm one day closer to seeing Oxford!

    Sir Hook Who Lives Comfortably in the Past, Present and Future of Warrick

  2. err.... H.. i think the point there is that you can't live in the past or the future, you can study or try to re-enact the past, you can keep mementoes of it.......and you can vaguely plan for the future... but you can't live in them.

    Sir Dayvd

  3. But you forget Sir D...I'm a time traveler! It's like waking up on Eastern Time, Eating Lunch on Central Time, Taking a Piss on Mountain Time and a Nap on Pacific Time and it's all happening at 9 O'Clock!

    Sir Hook the Tic Toc of Warrick

  4. Just thought I throw this one in there to stir the pot...this is post # 666! Yikes! Sir D...are you the Anti-Christ! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Reformed Religious Zealot of Warrick

  5. Anti pretty much everything...

    sent by the devil to harvest your souls...

    sir D-evil ( now you can see. )

  6. Oh...should that be Sir MiD-evil? Living amongst all that MiD-evil surroundings and Harry Potter Sets.

    Harvesting souls is a noble past time!

    Sir Hook Who Sees All of Warrick

  7. I don't know....I haven't SEEN THAT ONE....yet?! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Smart Arse of Warrick

  8. Whatever you make real!

    Sir Hook the Reality Challenged of Warrick

  9. OK, so it's apparent that only a good pint of bitter is going to settle this cosmic traveler down!

    Sir Hook Who is presently working while thirsting for the future as he remembers it in the past of Warrick