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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Can You See Your Shadow?

I thought it appropriate to share this photo, a revelation actually, of me on the beach at sunrise in Clearwater, FL. Some will say, "That's not you, that's just your shadow." While they may be scientifically correct, metaphysically speaking, if I wasn't there, neither would my shadow be. We actually are more than we can ever imagine! Like in the photo, I am at least 30 feet tall, something that I could never imagine without this experience. I transcedned time and space as my soul projected from my body towards the flowing sea, towards infinity itself. Even though I was 30 feet tall, I felt so humble at this moment in time, forever frozen in this picture. It reminded me of the evening before, while drinking a beer at Frenchie's Rockaway on the Beach and reading my Jesuit meditation of the day on my iPhone. The gospel reading was about Jesus teaching by the sea. The reflection was to pick a word or a phrase from the reading and make it your word. Like a bar of music it can echo within you all day. The Word of God will bear its fruit in you. My phrase was Mark 4:1, "AGAIN he began to teach by the sea." That phrase and the word, AGAIN, had never rang its chord in my soul as it did that night and at this moment of the photo. It reminded my of how every time I walk the beach I feel so alive and in tune with nature, with God, with living, and how many lessons or visions of what can be I have had in this sacred environment...AGAIN...and AGAIN...and AGAIN! So, on this Groundhog's Day I challenge us all to crawl out of our comfort zones, our holes, and let your shadow grow 30 feet tall. We really can be more that we every imagined when we allow the Divine to flow through us! It's time to let the "Winter of our Soul" to pass away.

Sir Hook of Warrick

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