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Friday, February 8, 2008

I Am A Warrior Angel

I have been intrigued by so many comments from not only people I know, but more importantly, from those I have never met about the enjoyment they receive in reading our humble blog.

Yesterday, I received the following comment,
"I enjoy the quirkiness of this site and visit often. Maybe I should try to join (Sir Richard of Montreal?) but I'm more of a wine man myself so I'm not sure I qualify. Sir Hook, you seem like a really interesting guy. Raised fundamentalist, Baptist pastor and now practicing Roman Catholic, appreciator of spirituality in general and merry bon vivant. I'm intriqued by that sort of spiritual journey and would love to know how it all happened. Do tell us."

First, Sir Richard of Montreal, or for that matter the remainder of you silent majority that visit us, you do qualify for membership. Though the preferential drink of the Knights is hop based, we've been known to let a few grapes, potatoes, cactus and worms pass through our lips in a fermented state. It's the willingness to imbibe with joy rather than through necessity that counts in this category. More importantly is your openness to the spiritual journey, whose landscapes never quit changing or become less challenging. The "Piece de Resistance" is the willingness to share your insights with others, thus this blog is just one of the tools I choose.

I would love, and actually do love, to tell my story. But alas, it's not ever finished, it's only just beginning one day at a time, and I'm afraid would take up too much space in this format. I have entertained writing books along this line. Do you think that would be a good idea? Let me know. I will say that what you see and read here is what you see and hear when you meet me. The way of the Warrior, the way of the Spiritual Masters, and the way of the traveling minstrel have always formed who I am. I guess to sum it up, I used to think you had to be one or the other, not all at the same time. But after all, my God is actually three persons at the same time, so why can't I, who created in His image, be the same? Right, you can! So I remain open to what and who calls to me daily in my spiritual journey, OPEN being the Key, Heart, Mind, Soul. I enjoy life as we are all called to do. I help those less fortunate than I and learn from those who are more fortunate than me. And finally, if we just can't get along, I'll kill you and pray for your soul. (Figuratively speaking of far) I am a Warrior Angel. More to come. Welcome Sir Richard of Montreal
Stay open!
Sir Hook of Warrick


  1. Sir Hook,

    Sounds a little like Heresy!

    I know that I would be considered a HERETIC!

    The Unitarian Universalist Church taught me that they have always been heretics. “Heresy” in Greek means “choice.”

    "We are heretics because we want to choose our faith, not because we desire to be rebellious. No one person, no one religion, can embrace all religious truths.

    Two other ideas is to strive to "Open your mind to expand your concept of the Divine." In other words, to make God bigger.

    This is a Mission Statement from one area UU Church:

    We, as a loving and caring spiritual community, resolve to:

    * Promote diversity through free expression of ideas and beliefs
    * Encourage intellectual and spiritual growth, and
    * Provide an environment for social activism and community service

    We believe the search for truth is a journey, not a destination. In this spirit, all are welcome.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. Sir Hook,

    I think authoring a book would be a good idea, simply because many times people under estimate how interesting they are to other people, much more so than your story is to yourself.

    Here is a thought. Why not start a Moleskine through the membership of our group, each person could write a bit of themselves, interest, faiths, favorite beer or ale, and goals. Really whatever one wants to write about themselves. I think that would show "unity through diversity" which this blog is all about. It would be interesting then to do a brief profile on the blog about each member.

    I would start the ball rolling bu donating 3 large lined Moleskines to the cause.

    Sir Richard of Windsor

  3. Sir Richard of Windsor puts forth a great concept! We have actually attempted to do this, but having people journal at bars where we have left an official KMSA Moleskine with designated bar tenders. The results have been mixed at best. Perhaps it is time for all members to have a voice. Thanks for the idea and your generous donation.

  4. Thanks for the kind welcome. I'll strive to be worthy ;-)

    Sir Richard of Montreal