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Monday, February 11, 2008

Pick Up the Pieces

Several days ago we had a very powerful storm that came through our area of the country. It picked up our patio furniture around our pool and shattered the glass top into thousands of pieces across our patio and back yard. This past Saturday we had a very beautiful and warm day, so I decided to go outside and "pick up the pieces." Little did I know it would become a Zen meditation on my current state of being. This picture doesn't do it justice, but this image began my inward journey. It reminded me of how many times my life has been shattered like these pieces of glass. Through the process of "picking up the pieces" what appears to be a huge mess on the surface is actually a big puzzle waiting to be formed back together into a completely new life. I also noticed how the sunset was catching the edges of the glass and they glistened like diamonds waiting to be harvested. Thus is life, the willingness to be shattered and reformed. Shinning diamonds in the sun awaiting The Hand of the Divine to motivate us to "pick up the pieces" and begin life as a new creation. The same elements, but reformed and molded into a better and more inspired you. Of course, there's the rub. It's ultimately our choice to reform or remain broken. We can remain divided within ourselves like shattered glass and remain weak and helpless, or we can "pick up the pieces" and move toward a new and exciting way of living. The fact is, we will be broken many times in this life. Your question is, how many times are you willing to "pick up the pieces?"

Happy Harvesting
Sir Hook of Warrick

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do."

1 comment:

  1. What you seem to have discovered is the law of cause and condition: Violent wind (though "violent" seems to be a judgment -- it is what it is) and the effect.

    "All things and phenomena arise and decay in dependence upon other things and phenomena. Neither material nor spiritual things can exist or decay independently and nor will they exist or decay permanently. This interdependent relationship is what we call cause and condition." (from a Buddhist teaching).

    I love the fact that you found a lesson in this experience -- I wish that I could be "awake" like that more often. But, then again, my wishing creates exactly that -- wishing. It doesn't pick up the pieces.

    Some people would curse the broken glass; an artist might pick up the pieces and use them to transform them into a beautiful light-catching sculpture. People will come and say, "See. This is much more valuable than the patio table." The master will answer, "We shall see." One night, a violent wind comes blowing down the structure and breaking it into even more pieces. "What a shame!"
    "No, says the master, "What a blessing." And he begins to pick up the pieces to create...

    Having said that, let's not get too carried away with this story and break every beer mug we drink out of. I'm not sure our bartender friends will appreciate the story as much!

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar