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Friday, February 8, 2008

A Wet Moleskine!

First, do not fail to scroll down and read Sir Hook's "Warrior Angel" blog today.
It's Excellent.

Second, the sunshine we're experiencing today gives me a chance to dry out my very rain-soaked Moleskine Journal. Here is an entry from the other day while we were experiencing another torrential downfall:

Unfolding Awakening

By David Kuhn (a.k.a. Sir Bowie of Greenbriar)

I forgot that she even existed
I neglected her
I closed her out
I unfold her
Armor to protect me
Yet, she is frail
The tempest invites her
To turn on herself
And me
Having no choice but to oblige
Reminding me to ask
Who is my protector?
Have I forgotten her?
Have I neglected her?
Have I closed her out?
I will hold her
I will unfold her
And love her
Walking together


  1. Well written my friend! Who is the lucky her? Perhaps more than one, a spiritual as well as a temporal energy.

  2. Lady Suzanne was out of town when I wrote this, but I was looking at a photo of her and my girls.

    It started out as simple an essay on the fact my umbrella failed me on the way to work. Then, I had the thought of my failing my umbrella when it's nice (most of the time). Then...

    Well, as da Vinci said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned."

    This is where I chose to abandon this poem.

    Sir Bowie