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Friday, April 11, 2008

Led Striped Pencil

While Sir Bowie was sharing his mathematical formula for drinking beer, I have been taking it to a field test as of late. It works! In the course of my 4 pub visits this week I had the most interesting discussion about the different types of beer made available at our Founding Place, Old Chicago. Specifically, this young lad was sharing how much he liked Red Stripe, the beer of Jamaica. We shared our stories of drunken, Pirates of Caribbean style parties while under the influence of Red Stripe.

(Me & my Kids enjoying a Cold One by Dunn's River Falls)

The discussion came down to two points: 1) Does Red Stripe put hair on your chest?....or...2) Does Red Stripe put led in your pencil?! This is where I won the field of trivia battle. My bar mate has only been to Jamaica once, where as I have been ten times.

've slept in native villages, help build homes in the mountains, and smoked Ganja with Rastas at political meetings, hell, I even met my wife there in an elevator. Not once did the natives echo that Red Stripe put hair on your chest (no offense to Sir Dayvd's Uncle's Pec Grooming Stout), but it was unanimous that it did put Lead in Your Pencil (Not the second grade kind, mind you.). Of course, in Jamaica there are many substances that can, by tradition, put Led in Your Pencil like, Conch, Spliffs, Climbing Dunn's River Falls behind a wet, spectacular booty!

So, it's official! Red Stripe puts Led in Your forget the Viagra and get your ass down to Jamaica, or at least a pub that sells it. Perhaps I'll name my next band the Led Striped Pencils?

Cool Runnins'
Sir Hook the Led One of Warrick


  1. April 18th is the first Anniversary of the Founding of KMSA. Remind me, Sir Hook, and we'll start with Red Stripe in your honor (as well as your pencil and lead!).

    Sir Bowie

  2. Hooky... i don't think its the beer, its probably the fact that

    a) it is so damn warm down there, that

    b) you are surrounded by the saltiness of the sea. a natural aphrodisiac, hence the reason Oysters and cavier are so popular inland,

    c) the fact you aren't working and you are just lazing, stress free by the pool, and to top it off.

    .D)hardly anyone is wearing any damn clothes down there!!!!
    , so less time to take em off.

    I rest my case

    Sir "I'm not jealous whatsoever in the not me, here in the wind and the rain" from Oxford-shire