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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Riches & Success

My outlook about what it means to be successful was for a very long time formed by how much money, popularity and social standing you received. Albeit, money was the key measuring stick.

Today, success is less about what I have and much more about what I am. Jesus said, "What does it matter if a man has gained the whole world and lost his soul." Sadly, to gain in my corporate world meant doing things contrary to being able to sleep at night.

I recently gave up a partnership in an advertising agency after 23 years because by their philosophy, which I helped to create, gaining was everything. More important than friends, family, even God. Although my ex partner is very fond in showing how much he "does" for God.

I may be poorer now, but aside from money, my poverty in spirit has unleashed a creative monster. I feel so much more alive, partly because I can sleep again, but more importantly I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see, realize who I am and be at peace with it all. Now that's being wealthy and truly successful.

Sir Hook the Rich of Warrick

P.S. This is the last in a series of mock magazines. We return to our regularly scheduled unscheduled programs tomorrow.

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