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Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Knights, 2 Beards and 2 Walks

The Founding Father's of the Knights of Moleskine Spirit and Ale got together at the House of Warrick to review and make further plans about their upcoming invasion of England in July.

Sir Hook & Sir Bowie with Lady Allwinky & Lady Suzanne in the background.

What made this particular council unique, was it was the first time that Sir Bowie and Sir Hook have had beards at the same time. It's a given that the Teutonic Sir Bowie's beard is much fuller, given his hairy German Celtic heritage. Sir Hook can only muster a GT, with his American Indian follicle challenged body hair heritage.

The other unique part of their beards, is this is the first time both are gray....hopefully showing signs of wisdom instead of old age. Sir Bowie use to sport a flaming red beard from the Scottish Highlands, while Sir Hook would hang a black scalp on his chin.

It was determined that Sir Bowie will have a promising retirement career as Chris Kringle's magical alter ego...Santa Claus!

Sir Bowie has long been a participant of the Volksmarch, a walking and hiking club founded in Germany, which has spread across the globe. He set up, and tore down, the course for the most recent Volksmarch in Evansville before the council.

Sir Hook, bowing to his Irish Queen's heritage, participated in the Run O Luck 7k the same day. At first it was reported that Sir Hook had won the race....but upon further review by officials it was determined that he thought the race didn't start until 10am, which actually started at 9am, and had unknowingly crossed the finish line amongst cheering fans and a drum corp at 9:15 in what he thought was the roped off entrance to the registration tent!

After receiving hi-fives, trinkets and adulation...he was quickly the recipient of sighs and laughs upon his confession. He did do the honorable thing and started and completed the race to finish last!

Sir Hook the First Shall Be Last of Warrick


  1. Classic Picture, Guys... neat with the Girls in too. Looks like we're gonna need some bigger Hotels :))

    Is that a Speckled Hen Can i see in the Bowsters paw???


  2. Aye! That would be a Speckled Hen draft can in the Bowster's paws and one poured into my Speckled Hen pint glass in mine!

    We can't get the draft cans, which taste so much better than the bottles, here in I import a trunk load when I travel to Columbus, Ohio. That's also where I can satisfy my Troeggs fix!

    I was wearing my English National Soccer Jersey as well. I often like to wear that in the Irish pubs around here just to get the conversations flowing with the beer! LOL!

    Sir Hook the No Matter How Hard I Try to Be Irish...I'm English of Warrick