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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



In my past this was often a derogatory term which could run the gamut of meaning from dick-head, shit-head or dumb-ass.

Today it's beginning to take on new meaning in the world of marketing. Yes, that's right, leave it to us Creative Morons of Madison and Park Ridge Avenues to make a dip "stick"!

The first creative use is in a Castrol commercial featuring a Scottish ad-man gone mad, who challenges Jimmy to "Think with your dipstick!"

A creative way to remind us to us the official automotive version to check our oil, preferably Castrol, unless you like Strapping Scottish Lads Whacking Your Fanny with Metal Whips!

Of course all men think with their "dipstick", just ask any Lady of our Realm! Especially Scottish Lasses showing their Arses!

Man displaying Elephant Penis

The most recent reinvention of "dipstick" is closer to the Tripod, the Trouser Trout, the Royal Mace, etc...that we all know and love, however big or small.

Dr. Oz of Oprah fame, not to be confused with the Wizard, recently presented a study of sexuality and its correlation to health on Good Morning America. In his presentation he called the male penis, "the Dipstick of Health".

That's right! Apparently how often and well we use the dipstick depends on how healthy we are. First we have pastors of churches issuing sex challenges, now we have scientific medical data that shows that we look and feel younger in direct proportion to how sexual we are. No wonder I look so young!!!

So, there you have that's thinking with your Dipstick Jimmy!

Sir Hook the Love Doctor and Keeper of the Royal Dipstick of Warrick


  1. why did i only have to scroll as far as the lass by the car to know this was a Hook Blog??

    answers on a more than twelve words to:

    Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire

  2. I'm surprised you had to scroll that far! I would have thought my cover was blown, pardon the pun, with the penis balloons!

    Sir Hook Who's Still thinking with My Dipstick Jimmy of Warrick

  3. Actually it WAS only as far as the balloons but i was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt...
    It might have been Lady Suzanne with her first blog, after being sat out in the spring sunshine with a big glass of tequila.



  4. Thank you for trying to be kind! I actually have a photo of me, Lady Allwinky, Sir Bowie and Lady S wearing balloon head bands at Senior Frogs in Puerto Vallarta a few years back.

    Now, what kind of headgear do you have for us in England?

    Sir Hook the Curious St. George of Warrick

  5. someday I'll get set up to blog on my own instead of just commenting - then watch out!

    and it would be Ultra beer, thank you very much for buying -

    our balloons were NOT giant dipsticks, thank goodness

    but we possibly looked like dipsticks by the time that night was over

    actually one of the pictures on here, of you two smoking cigars is from that same night, maybe?
    hard to remember

    now you have even more reason to test the dipstick - amazing how you find this info and pass it on

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
    who has to borrow Sir Bowie's...

  6. Yeah you can only wonder what Hooky put in the Google search section to get the pictures...and how many thousands of weirdo sites he got back ( and how many of them he opened and looked at seeing as i'm guessing he is at home and not exactly working right now )

    ....and further more how many spam he will now get from people in cyberland whose red lights all started flashing when he typed in the relevant words into search..

    adda boy Hooky you take the hit for all of us...


  7. All I know is...

    The smaller the balloon, the more difficult it is to make something out of it!

    Sir Bowie "far from elephant" of Greenbriar

  8. So why does Suz call you Dumbo then ??