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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming up to Scratch

I am back to being a very busy Spring Knight these days...and my chances to continue to be my favorite of all my cinematic hero's, Johnny 5, from 'Short Circuit'....i.e.: "input input ...must have more input", are again diminished, while I try to keep the customer satisfied.

It was during a snack break, early this afternoon...I came across an interesting scientific programme on BBC2 tv, about the science fact and history of Nudity... ah ha you think... ..but wasn't a titillating go along with my pasta salad lunch... it was all about demonstrating the period of our evolution, where we became basically hairless as opposed to full blown primates.

Along with gradually becoming Bipeds, we also started to leave the forests and head out across the plains, which brought us out into the hot suns of the equatorial regions... The more successful exponents of this gradual migration... and we are talking millennia of time here, were the types of Homo Sapiens. who could keep cool gradually evolving less hair..

This knock on effect of evolution, meant that their brains could grow larger. The average Human Brain puts out around 20 watts of heat when it is thrumming like mine is right this second.

To become the largest brain to body size on the planet, and be encased in what is really a skull sized box, meant it would simply overheat, very quickly, unless it could dissipate this heat in a very efficient cooling system.. The loss of Body Hair, with the move from the shaded forests, meant the easy development of sweat glands, which coincided with the sudden development of the human as an intelligent species.

We retained a few vital clumps to keep the temperatures up where they should be for usage.. and the nature of perspiration took over the rest of the work.

This all happened around three million years ago. Half a million years later, we started to wear rudimentary clothes to cover our selves up....( and in doing so we covered up nearly all the signs that nature gave us to recognise when we should procreate...but the history of clothing erotica and mini skirt psychology is a subject for another lunchtime. )

The substantiating research to all this evolutionary research, was brought about by the study and evolution of our closest buddy The Louse. ( we sometimes have hundreds of the micro critters rooting around on us...yes even you Lady Suzanne, and lets not get into what's in your pillows...)

Until around 3 million years back...the common Head Louse didn't exist....with its ability to climb about in fine hair. Instead we were covered in course primate hair and so had the early versions of what we now pass about in sexual contact...i.e.: the Crab Louse, which has the ability to clamber about in courser hair.... which we now retain in the form of Pubic hair.

Half a million years on, a new kind of Louse gradually appears...The Clothing Louse; one that doesn't live or can live in exterior hair, but one who makes its home in rudimentary fabrics.

And so you learn something new ever day.... which should be part of the KMSA code. Input input... as well as the time honored Output output

Sir Dayvd ( itching to get back to work ) of Oxenfordshireness


  1. So, Sir Dayvd, are you trying to prepare us for what we're in for when we visit? Suggesting that we're undoubtedly going to "export" a few unsolicited Brit souvenirs?

    That's it. I'm shaving the beard before I cross the pond.

    Sir Bowie "nitpicking" of Greenbriar

  2. err i think you'll find after what Suzanne wrote me last night about lice in her old schools... ..

    .......that i'll be putting the word out to Customs at the airport, to stop you all, and have you combed and shaved at passport control, heavens knows what you picked up sleeping rough in the backwoods...LOL...

    and as for Hooky and his penchant for restrooms... I shudder to think...

    Sir Dayvd ( always ready to help a Lady with her combing tho ) of Ox

  3. oh and we WILL have trouble on our hands with Hook hanging out in the loos taking pictures...hadn't thought about that one!

    Sir Bowie and I were just talking yesterday about the medium sized shelled crab I encountered in our bath in Mexico when the four of us last traveled together

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
    thanking you for the offer ; )

  4. oh yes... hanging around in loos taking photos here...highly arrestable.. I can see Hooky will be spending a few nights in gaol, it'll will cut down on the Hotel bills tho..., as i can always put Lady Allwinky up on the camper bed... LOL...


  5. I'll have to work on my stealth bathroom photography techniques. Maegan came back from England with bed bugs last year. I also had the misfortune of several cases in the past...but nothing beats waking up with a Rat asleep on my chest in a hotel in Paris in '79!

    Let the adventures begin! As for the itch, we'll be packing some "Monkey Butt Powder". Now that's evolution at its finest.

    Sir Hook the Lord of the Loo of Warrick

  6. So we can add latent Bubonic plaque rat fleas to the list i have to send the Heathrow Quarentine centre.. Don't worry H we'll try and smuggle you some beer in...

    Rat on your chest?... Paris...ah too much absinthe...that was halucinations of your hair breasts..LOL..

    Did the rat feel cheap in the morning LOL....

    When i'm there this weekend i'll look it up and apologies on behalf of the KMSA

    ..ah me ( wipes tears from my eyes )..i'll miss teasing you at the bar...:))

    Sir Dayvd ( the world would be a poorer place without Hooky...) of Oxfordshire...

  7. If it was my hair breasts it would have been one thin rat! I take after my Cherokee blood on the chest hair...I have maybe two! Though in my older age I can see about two more wanting to sprout.

    No, it was a genuine "le grand raton"! I scared it when I woke and it took off down the bed as I chased it with my hiking boot. It vanished in a crack in the baseboard...after which I heard the screams in the next room about a minute later.

    Poor rat was just looking for a place to bed the night!

    I'll miss giving it back to ya in the bars my friend!

    Sir Hook Who Knows the World is a Better Place Because of ME of Warrick