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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knight Time: St. Brigid, Semen Sale and Recruitment...or...Now for Something Completely Different

I, Sir Hook of Warrick, have been enjoying variety in my travels of late. I recently blogged about my experience with Sir Bruce of Tennessee while in I decided to pick up where we left off with this edition of Knight Time.

While in Ohio, I had the opportunity to attend Mass at the Catholic Church in Dublin. Imagine my surprise when I pulled into the parking lot and saw the sign...St. Brigid of Killdaire Church!

Yes, I was greeted by non other than the Patron Saint of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale as selected by the Council of the Founding Father's. You know, she's the one who said, "I had a vision of heaven of being surrounded by lakes full of beer!"

I thought it appropriate to go into her chapel, complete with Lennox Crystal Chandeliers, to offer prayers for all the Knights and Ladies of the Realm, as well as thanksgiving for the opportunity to share our quirky views with the world.

As so often happens to this errant Knight...and full time humanist...I quickly was transported from a Spiritual High to a Semen Sale the following day at one of my clients.

Having to come up with an ad to go into the next Ohio Beef Expo program, I was confronted with Cow Porn. How can you compete with that?! If you're looking to purchase semen for the spring breeding season this is the place, with over 200 semen tanks from studs like...Hit Man, Hannibull, Dirty Hairy, My Turn and the Witchdoctor!

I briefly considered selling a tank of Sir Hook the Beefmaster, but I'll remain happy to be able to produce my own for now!

Finally, after catching up this past week from being on the road (why you haven't seen much action for this Jackson of late), Lady Allwinky and I met friends at one of the House of Warrick and Greenbriar's favorite watering holes...the Gerst House this past Friday night.

One, a client of mine, has deemed this sordid band with the title, The Fairfield Mafia. Four of the six of us are from my home town of Fairfield, Illinois...notorious for gangsters, bootleggers, meth labs, etc. There is saying that the only things that come out of Fairfield are successful people or inmates!

We recruited this Merry Band into the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale last night. I introduce to you Sir Steven of Henderson, DMD, client extraordinaire, and his lovely companion and one of my 8th grade girlfriends, Lady Nayne of York.

Here we have Sir Richard of Larue, who has enough information on my past to guarantee that I'll never run for office, and his significant other, Lady Meis of LaCentre, whose father was my doctor, brothers where my drinking mates, and I coached on my swim team in the 70's.

So, there you have the latest edition of Knight Time with Sir Hook of Warrick. Hope you enjoyed the tour, the company and the semen!

Sir Hook the Breeder of Warrick

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  1. Welcome new Knights!
    So, more drinking mates that have dirt on Sir Hook --- seems to be a theme.

    David, I really love the chapel photo!

    Sir Bowie