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Friday, March 6, 2009

Knight Time: Season 1, Espisode 2

In keeping with Sir Dayvd's challenge to periodically share what we're listening to, watching, reading and drinking...I enter my second episode of this season's Knight Time!

What I'm listening to is probably what most of the world is listening to these days...U2's
newest...No Line on the Horizon. What an AWESOME sonic experience! The boys from Dublin continue to push the envelope while keeping their old friendship, great music and faith and hopeful lyrics intact!

I have literally grown with this band since the early 80's. Their music defines most of my key moments in life. And what a public relations triumph. Every night live on David Letterman and this morning playing a free concert to the lucky students at Fordham University in the Bronx on Good Morning America. If you haven't heard it yet...GET IT!

I've been watching the second season of the Showtime mini-series, The Tudors. The cinematography is amazing, the historical accuracy unparalleled, and the sex scenes make even the most jaded lover spring up!

I'm now on episode three and Anne Boleyn is starting to loose her influence over Henry. Such a shame that such a pretty, yet manipulative girl, had to part with her head so soon. I remember the odd feeling I had when I actually walked over her burial spot under the floor of St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. We'll be making that stop again in July.

Speaking of Sex and the Kings and Queens of England. I dusted off this copy from my bookshelves to read again. Inspired partly by the Tudor series, but mostly by reading the small book on the Kings and Queens through the British history provided to us by Sir Dayvd in anticipation of our American Invasion of the Mother Country.

There is something to be said about the knowledge that it was highly
unusual to live more than 4 or 5 decades just a few centuries ago. It made life adventurous and hard, full of passion and desires. Our forebears truly embraced the slogan, "If not now, when?!"

For Lent I have decided to get in touch with my "Interior Monkey Man" and grow some graying facial hair to shave off on Easter Vigil. I told Lady Allwinky that it was like wearing facial ashes all Lent. Of course, not being used to the beard that goes along with my Celtic
Mustache, that has never been shaved off, my chin as been a little itchy.

To combat that is a great powder called Monkey Butt! Discovered at Knob Hill Tavern as a joke, it is found on sale here at a farmers outlet called Rural King. Monkey Butt helps
the evolving male species stop the need to scratch their arse all the time. I think it should be a staple during the Major League Baseball Season. Of course, they scratch their balls more than their ass!

Finally to wash down all this history, sex and high living, I was able to bring home the latest seasonal brew from Troeggs Brewery out of Harrisburg, PA. I found a store in Dublin, OH that carries all of their products and the Imperial Amber Nugget Nectar with 8% alcohol is a "Jolly Hop Filled Journey through the Divine Tastes of God's Bounty!" Highly recommended! I can only imagine what it would taste like on draft at Sacred Watering Hole Number 1...McGraths!

So there you have it!

Sir Hook Who is Playing Hooky Today of Warrick


  1. Good crop of things to check out there. I'll have to get a better listen to the U2 album online... as they also were on our TV and radio en masse a couple of weeks much so it was plain embarressing...they showed up on virtualy everything..

    I clicked off....because what was more embaressing was the way the Hosts of said shows were sucking up to the band, as if Bono was the Messaih... so i voted with my thumb.

    i must admit after Actung Baby..which I enjoyed...they fell off my Radar.

    Love your excitement about the Tudors there Hookster... not so sure i would go with your "Historical accurracy unparralelled" lol...seeing some on the Hollywood glamour all over it.. LOL we are talking 16th Cent England here.. I'm pretty sure Anne never had her legs shaved...let alone waxed to that sheen...LOL... still at least people watch it, and learn a little.

    Yeah Troeggs are doing a stirling job, bringing back flavour :))

    D of O

  2. Knight Time:

    listening to the birds in the morning

    the wind blowing the tree limbs - creaking noises

    reading "The Real You" and
    "How Full Is Your Bucket?"

    watching...lots of basketball - my favorite sport to watch by far!

    and the last few shows of ER - series will end soon and many of the actors from older seasons are back for cameos (Noah Wyle for a story line of his own!)

    Roca Bar Round the World pizza

    and corned beef is on the menu

    and seeing Sir Bowie with his white beard - we need pictures of you two with the beards!

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

  3. Knight Time UK and France..:)

    Listening to Dawn Chorus's also.

    TV. Monty Hall's Great Escape..
    on BBC 2
    Reality series about going to live as a crofter on the west coast of Scotland.

    Book: "Dreams from my Father" by an actual President of the USA!!!

    Encyclapedia of it..:))

    New Discovery: Fraktur, which is german Pennsylvanian illuminated caligraphy. I have lived nearly 54 years, some of it in PA, and i didn't even know it existed until now, but now i am a devotee, and spending a lot of my this years book budget on it.. and also i am already drawing some.

    Fun: Saturday night and Sunday lunch in Paris by the Seine... sweet.Kind of working, but wishing this weekend was every weekend..:)

    D ( tout et bon ) O