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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sir Bowie's excellent blog yesterday inspired us all to reflect on the resurrection. Did it happen? Does it happen? What does it mean...if anything? Much like religious, spiritual, agnostic and atheistic thought, which runs wild in interpretation, so too views on the resurrection.

Truth is, no one really knows what happens after death...not scientist, not theologians, not even agnostics and atheists! It is an experience we all have to embrace, whether we like it our not. It is also one of two things we personally have no control over...being born...and dying.

Perhaps there's the rub...the cycle of birth and death. I believe resurrection plays a role in the circle of life and death.

I can only share from my own experience. After 52 years on this earth, a lifetime of spiritual quests and two near death experiences, I can share that I believe in the Resurrection. Better yet, I believe that resurrection happens every day...and in fact is the pinnacle of evolution. We evolve into a new creation.

Lying outstretched, much like being on a cross, I feel asleep on All Hallows Eve in 2002 with the faith that no matter what happened during my open heart surgery, I would emerge a new creation.

Little did I know that only 5 years later I would face this same experience in a car crash in Louisiana. Only this time in the form of a broken back, left shoulder, collar bone and all my ribs crushed by the mighty punch of a concrete bridge at 75 mph!

Each time, different experiences, the same thoughts ran through my very core...I will emerge from this a new creation. Either a new person with a new set of challenges and opportunities...or a new creature that I can't even begin to imagine.

This is my faith...and reason for living...and yes, my embracing my mortality and spirituality to the fullest. Pope John Paul II wrote a beautiful encyclical on Faith and Reason (Fides et Ratio).

I would invite all to reflect on how the two not only coexist, but are essential to life and death and life and....

Sir Hook the Risen of Warrick


  1. Sir Hook, thank you for a
    wonderful reminder to us all

    how lucky we are that you are willing to share your journey

    I believe it was Mark Twain who said that the most valuable thing in life is "the last breath"

    today may we be mindful of breathing and traveling the journey with those we love the most in this life

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar