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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Uncommon People

I have always taken great pride and prejudice in being uncommon. Of course, I just mentioned the three deadly sins according to religious teachings: 1) pride 2) prejudice 3) being different.

Pride for some, don't ask me how they do the math, has become a four-letter word. I think it not only proper, but mandatory, that one be proud yet humble.

Prejudice has many negative connotations in our culture...racism, sexism, elitism, etc.; however, I look at it more as not pre-judging others while maintaining a superior self-image...again humbly.

Finally, being different. WOW, what a Pandora Box that concept becomes! It's the creative energy that fuels "if not now, when"..."unity through diversity"..."the courage to dare". Being different has always flowed with the undertow of Unity through Diversity in my life. I remember as a College Frat Boy living with an Art Major...that I would dress like a hippy for my Frat parties and wear my Frat Greek Uniform to Art parties...just to make them think!

No matter how hard the hippies tried to be different they where all the same...ditto at the Frat house. Embrace the diversity that is you and dare to be uncommon!

Coach Cal Stoll of Minnesota once told Tony Dungy, future Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, "Success is uncommon, therefore, not to be enjoyed by the common man. I'm looking for uncommon people!"

Here's looking at you kid!

Sir Hook the Uncommonly Successful Diversified Unit of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. "Difference" when it comes to yourself, should be something purely unconcious and subjective and only noted by other people. Your life is something that you grow into, not shape round other peoples opinions. You are either natural or you are not.

    So if i appear or act "different" its not different to me, its as comfortable and lifelong to my life as breathing and blinking is. As real mad men should say : "I'm not Mad, everyone else is"

    I always think back to a bar-debate iregularly had at college, about the nature of "normality", does it exist in the form of 51% or not at all.

    Thinking on , about Sins...i was amused to read of an Army Chaplain's "get out clause /ammendment" to the Commandment "Thou shalt not Kill"

    Which now reads, ( more sensibly to most people ) 'Thou Shalt not Kill, unless you have cause to'

    Apparently, someone trying to kill your partner or children comes under the "cause".. tho i am sure that would be the subject of a legal debate.

    Sir dayvd ( life has many mysteries, mysteries that pique the intellect, and when dismissed, free up a lot of time for drinking )
    of Oxfordshire