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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indianapolis, The 21st Amendment & How to Tame Lynnville

The rather long title of this blog befits the length of time it took to develop, as it took a life of its own over a three day period. So, as the Cursillo movement says, the fourth day produced fruit. We begin our tale in Indianapolis...Capital of Indiana....home of the Colts...and now home to my son, Sir Ryan of Warrick.

We attended a preseason game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Colts at the relative new Lucas Oil Stadium. The stadium reminds me of a "Hoosier High School Gym on Steroids"...with its large glass windows on either side (which open in good weather)...and arched ceiling (which also opens) that reaches towards the heavens as it echos the cheers that salute the glorious movements on the field.

Of course, life doesn't get much better than a good football game, 50,000 screaming fans, cheerleaders and beer! It was also an opportunity to witness the rebirth of Michael Vick. Sign of the day..."Hide Your Beagles, Vick's an Eagle!"

Pro Bowl Peyton and his Minions made short order of the Eagles in two impressive drives that lasted all of three minutes total! Then it was time for the "B" squad lead by recent addition and former Purdue Boilermaker QB Curtis Painter. He looked equally impressive and you could tell that in his youth he had the wisdom and humble ability to mimic his historic team leader in his style.

We then retired to Sir Ryan's "Eagle Nest" on the 17th floor of the City View Apartments on Meridian. Sir Ryan, recently receiving a medical discharge from the Army, has moved to Indy to finish his college and is opening up his own Computer Repair business. We are quiet proud of his accomplishments. One of which is the introduction to a "Beer Geeks Heaven on Earth"...the 21st Amendment liquor store.

Cleverly named after the amendment that repealed prohibition, another idiotic Utopian invention of the narrow minded religious right, 21st Amendment offers wine and spirits....but it really shines with its selections of "Domestic Bottled Brands" of Craft Breweries...especially those in Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Of course, me and Daniel (pictured above), hit it off famously as he shared the ever so difficult to obtain "Bible of Craft Brews" and I shared with him the story and coasters of the Knights of Moleskine Spirit and Ale. It was a grand time...and I could have easily dropped a grand on beers to take home.

However, we made ourselves content to purchase four of Daniel's recommendations.

Representing four different breweries...Founders, Left Hand, Victory and Three Floyds...I had sampled beers from all but Left Hand before and was always pleased. I never had the selections we purchased above: Founders Centennial IPA (Michigan), Left Hand Milk Stout (PA), Victory HopDevil Ale (PA) and Three Floyds Robert the Bruce Scottish Style Ale (Indiana). WOW!

Of course, knowing that we were to meet up with the House of Greenbriar at their lake cabin hide away in Lynnville, Indiana in Warrick County...we loaded up the cooler with ice and began the process of beer tasting (OK...Beer Slamming) as we cruised the deep waters of this one time stripper pit mine.

Sir Bowie did an excellent job of guiding us through the sometimes narrow water ways and islands while we enjoyed every beer we could find.

It was a grand time for sure! We saw Beaver (no, not Lady A's unfortunately! LOL!), Falcon, Blue Birds, Water Falls, Rock Cliffs, All types of trees and vegetation and the ripples of feeding Bass and Bluegill as the sun began to set.

Of course, I had to sit up front so that I could periodically produce my Cherokee Indian Battle Cry that would echo across the water and bounce off the rock cliffs.

We made our way back to the Cabin as we navigated in the dark of night. Then we took the short ride into the little town of Lynnville, about 20 miles from my home.

It's the famous Old Fox Inn, where you will encounter "Real America" in all its wonderful and not so wonderful colors. We laughed as we sat next to the chain link fence that's inside which guards the stock of beer, as we thought about bringing Sir D here so that he could have "Freakin' Kittens"!

They closed the kitchen down for Karaoke Night, so Sir Bowie and I went to the pizza place down the block and ordered the biggest pizza we could get and brought it back and shared with the patrons.

Then Lady A and I danced to the surprise of all...only to be complimented by me bringing the house down with my cover of The Turtles "So Happy Together"!

As we were leaving to drive home before we couldn't...the crowd that at first where a little cold were begging us to stay!

The tip jar says it all. Not about the true character of these characters...but of the sense of humor humanity shares..."For A Small Town Like This One We Sure Have A Lot Of Assholes!"

As we were getting ready to get in our cars I turned to Sir Bowie and said, "Now...that's how you tame Lynnville!"

Sir Hook the Lion Tamer of Warrick


  1. The Robert The Bruce sounds good you'll have to tell me what that one is like. I can't get enuff of Scottish beer. Less hoppy that the English stuff. and more to my palette.

    Typical that i live at the bottom of the island and not the top...

    Sir D ( wiping off the drool ) of O

  2. Yes, Sir D would probably be having "Freakin' Dixie Chickens" in Warrick County.

    I'm proud to say that I was a small part of it.

    Excellent beer and excellent company!

    Sir Bowie "one of the a-holes" of Lynnville

  3. The Robert Bruce reminded me a lot of McEwan's Champion. Not as good, but still an excellent American attempt at a Scottish Ale!

    Thanks Sir Bowie for the even more telling pictures from the Old Fox. I might have to (pardon the pun) throw them up later tonight after I wrap up my 16 hour work day!

    Sir Hook the Wicked So Therefore Gets No Rest This Week of Warrick

  4. actually re: Prohibition... i was intrigued to see, on a TV wine programme about Vineyards ....that during prohibition the existing Vineyards in California were allowed to keep operating to produce wine for religious purposes, communions etc for all over America,

    ...... and this is the reason today so many Old Vineyards still operate in California and why its wines are some of the best in the world today.

    Sir D ( Wheels within wheels ) of O