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Friday, August 28, 2009

...Worth a Thousand Words

I opened the paper this morning to find many possible blog topics:

* A University of Southern Indiana director of counseling has been placed on unpaid leave and barred from campus for having marijuana in his office (over two pounds found in his home). Oh, I guess I have to use that journalism word "allegedly."

* Thousands line up to pay their last respects for Sen. Edward Kennedy.

* The Hilltop Inn in Evansville (one of my favorites) earned's the "Manliest Restaurant in America" -- mostly because of very cold beer (sorry, Sir D) and hot brain sandwiches. They say that there is something about brains (pork) frying in a pan that will put hair on your chest.

Yes, I have a few hairs on my chest!

Yes, there certainly is a lot of interesting news to report. But, I wanted to take the opportunity today to present the most exciting news I've seen in some time. The Headline News direct from Sir Dayvd:

Boys and girls find attached... the definitive new KMSA Crest

what is new and different about it all is the Motto, and the fact that i have modified the lowercase letter k so it looks like a k.
on all old english fonts this was not the case, so i have re-drawn one in the spirit of the font.
sir D


  1. Yes, I saw that news before I left for Ohio yesterday morning. My first thought about the USI Counselor was, what if they got him with beer in the fridge? I don't smoke pot anymore; however, I think we are being a bit ridiculous here. If he was given a DUI they would still keep him employed. Also, you didn't mention that his wife was also arrested and she is an administrator of a child care center.

    Being married to an East Coast Irish Catholic, you can imagine the sadness at our house over Teddy's exit! I know that deep down the Republicans are having those back room bar meetings in celebration, even though they won't admit it. I do think that McCain is sincere about it though.

    I meant to email you on the Hilltop. We need to get on that site and vote. I was just there a couple of days ago picking up a March of Dimes donation and having a fish bowl at the old bar....still one of my favorites! It was COLD TOO!

    Finally, excellent shop on the Crest Sir D!

    Sir Hook the Wondering Wonder of Warrick

  2. Obviously I meant job, not shop, Sir D.

    Sir Hook the Spell Checked Challenged Count of Warrrrrrrrrrrricccckkkk