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Monday, August 3, 2009

Knight Time at Jericho Tavern

It was Knight Time at Jericho Tavern on July 11, 2009. Knight Time has been a vision of the Founding Father's since its inception. To bring to life in video our adventures, travels and tales as we spread Unity Through Diversity across the globe. This section of our video will be available to view on You Tube later this evening after it downloads at

Jericho Tavern, in Oxford, UK, is Oxford's leading Independent music venue where Radiohead made their debut in 1987 and Supergrass got signed to a record deal after a gig in 1994. It carries on that tradition in the music room upstairs today.

It is also an excellent Pub, and most recently has been added to the list of Sacred Watering Holes by the Founding Fathers of the Knights of Moleskine Spirit & Ale.

Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire introduced us to a band he is very close to that evening. They are called the Joe Allen Band. I shot some video for the band which is now available to view on You Tube at this link:

The Joe Allen Band consists of singer/song writer Joe Allen, accompanied by the very talented and elegant Angharad Jenkins on electric violin. The rhythm section is mastered by Chrissie Sheaf. The combination is absolutely stunning and utterly beautiful!

Here's a taste!


Sir Hook the Troubadour, Documentary and Candlestick Maker of Warrick


  1. Excellent work, Sir Hook.
    And thank you Sir Dayvd for taking on a most entertaining adventure from start to finish.

    It was great to meet the band afterwords -- very humble and a joy to spend time with.

    We can say we knew them when.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. ...and what do you get up to with those candles may I ask?..
    ah no scratch that..i'll get TMI...

    Well its nice to see the Watering Hole acting up for the camera without knowing it was going to arrive, i'm sure their management would be pleased to know.

    Thanks again for all the hard work putting the Vids together, i have been talking to you about it away from the blog so you know my smiling thoughts on it all. Joe's band will gain a big boost from it all.

    Oh Hooky...Just a Bowie like Pedancy here..............

    ( and Bowie we love you dearly but after an email by Sir James at the weekend its clear a few people know what you are like now at subtle verbal armlocks and a Advanced Persuasive Editing.....gained at the Detective Columbo College of Oh-Just-More-Thing) )

    .........Angharad's surname is Jenkins. there that'll do it.. heh..

    Sir Dayvd ( who probably spends too much money in there ) of YouknowWhereshire

  3. Sir Dayvd: Speak American, not English. What the heck are you talking about?

    Sir Bowie "completely lost" of Greenbriar

  4. Sir Bowie, I believe Sir D is making reference to your knack for detail, and my lack thereof. In fact he's not speaking English, but a French derivative from the word pedant, which means according to the Oxford Dictionary:

    a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

    I stand corrected, of course I knew her surname was Jenkins but my brain was still asleep at 4am this morning. Senior Fog Moment!

    Sir Hook the Weary Yet Excited Detail Challenged Author and Director of Warrick

  5. Ah A Merkin. That loose federation of States that calls itself a country... Is that a Language? Heh
    We loved it when Dubya said "the French don't have a word for

    okay for Bowie that would be errrm....

    "Hot diggerdy dang Hooky thats one
    doozy of a posting there pardner, but hol' on there one cotton pickin' moment there boy, Ah Knows I'm a figuring like that old poke Bowie, but should'nt the god fearin' name of that fiddling gal be Jenkins by rights? heh."

    Sir dayvd ( who too is worn out and i need of an Orio and a mug of java .... or double shot latte, in A Merkin ) of the Not Too United Kingdom

  6. D'oh Sir Dayvd Bowie Here...Hooky, just the one n in Angharad ( thats welsh you know...)

    just saying... :))

  7. Okay, okay, I get it.
    But, what's all this about an email from Sir James that prompted all this?

    Details: All the litle things done right!

    Sir Bowie

  8. lol...actually apologies i took your name in Sir James was on about commercial clients we all get " I want that, but not exactly that" kind of clients and i thought he was on about you want to talk to him....he was on about you and him starting up some backWoods Merching....with me maybe stenciling stuff for you... might have to go in the bucket list below selling traditional pub games to Merkins..

    anyway he's done his stencilling so there is a spare Wolf Stencil going begging if you want to do lady Suzannes Nightdress... :))

    Ser DDDD

  9. I disavow any knowledge of what D of O speaks. Although Sir B of G and I talked at lunch and I think we cleared up this muddled "English."

  10. lol.. and quite right too Sir James. It was me putting two and two together and making five. Damn chinese calculator.

    Anyway I'm not going to argue with you two, as you keep sending me pictures of yourself wielding firearms and you are probably both members of the Indiana Survivalist Millitia for all I know, dedicated to guerilla warfare when the russians attack, or the bomb goes off.

    Sir James you are guilty of nothing more than being caught up in the middle of me trying to pull Bowies leg, as I miss teasing him now he has gone home.

    Sir D ( ) of O