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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Battle Within, The Battle Comes Out

First and foremost, the Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale is a Warrior. There are many ways to manifest the Warrior within, where most of the scariest battles occur. This humble Knight turns to the Spirit for his source of strength within, which oftentimes manifests itself through my Moleskine in written words, doddle's, poems, etc. While it remains true that the pen in the hands of a strong person is mightier than the sword, it is also true as Confucius says, "Never give a sword to someone who can't dance." That saying can be taken in many ways. I prefer to think about it this way. If a warrior can't dance, he can't move to win the fight. If he can't dance, he can't express the joy in life and becomes dead inside and out. If he can't dance, he is given to despair, envy and hatred, neither which are the traits of an effective warrior. The truth of life is that even the best warriors will lose a battle, but that doesn't mean you have to lose the war. What is your war today? Which battlefield occupies your mind and your soul? Face it square on and victory will be yours! Run from it, and you'll just have to fight it again, and again, and again, always from a weaker position. The fact of life is that you will win and lose many battles, gain and lose many fortunes, love and lose many people close to you; however, only you can decide how this will effect the ultimate outcome of your personal war. As the Bible says, "I set before you life and death. Choose life." Remember, it's only yours to choose, not God, not your lover, not your friend, not your parents, it's only your choice! Choose wisely and remember to always think, drink and be merry!
Sir Hook of Warrick
P.S. This column is dedicated to two young and outstanding members who just joined us last night. Getting ready for a career and physical move and a wedding, there will be many fine battles to come for this incredible couple. Please join me in welcoming and toasting their wedding in May: Sir Craig of Maxwell and Lady Ulla of Crossbow. May God Bless Them!

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  1. Nicely done.

    Knights, it is a fact
    Sovereign rulers of our lives
    Be brave and be bold

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar