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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cerevisaphiles Unite...through diversity!

I found this on (edited)

What do you call a beer lover?

By Gregg Smith

The toughest task in beer writing is figuring out what to call the legions who enjoy beer. Specifically, how does one address that broad category sometimes called, for lack of a better name, beer lover. After all, doesn't that term seem rather simplistic? The title "Beer Lover" belies the sophistication of our drink.

Beer-a-phile and Brew-a-phile don't quite get there either. Surely there's a way to phrase this avocation to bestow a proper amount of dignity. Thus we are faced with turning to old reliable Latin. In this instance let's use the root word for beer - Cerevisia. With a little prodding and twisting we get Cerevisaphile.

What better word to put in the lexicon (or argot) of beer. Can't you just see it in the dictionary? Cerevisaphile (Cer-a-vehs-a-file) aficionado of beers and ales, 2.a devotee to the decoction of barley infused with hops and fermented, imbiber of beer on the highest order, bordering on devotion, who pursues the very finest in malted beverages.

Now that's more like it, dignified, impressive, and worthy of an inquiry from the uninitiated. Yeah, Cerevisaphile. (end of article)

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