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Sunday, January 20, 2008

1703, Harry Potter,Two Doors Down and the Tudors

Now that I'm well rested after my East Coast swing, and properly fed on pizza and beer with the Founder's Council at Turoni's, I wanted to share some good Pub and travel
information with my fellow Errant Knights. While in Baltimore I discovered another Pub gem, the Fordham Brewing Company, founded in Annapolis in 1703, making it the nations oldest formal brewery! Recently resurrected, the beer is outstanding! It was a good place to wash down my sorrows of watching the Colts lose to the Chargers. Yes, Karma was alive in Baltimore, former home of the Colts!

While in Washington, DC, I had to visit the Kennedy Library of Ethics housed at Georgetown University in Healy Hall. Once again I found myself in (Sorry Sir Dayvd of Oxforshire...but for us Yanks) ancient surroundings. Georgetown is the nation's oldest Jesuit College, Healy Hall is the nation's oldest college building and inside is this wo
nderful library. I felt like I was a character in a Harry Potter movie! I waved my magic wand but the only thing that came out was ink on paper. Not an horrible result!

Two doors down from J's Dinning Saloon on M Street in Washington, DC is the original, and still private, City Tavern with it's Sign of the Indian King. It was founded in 1796. Being of Indian descent (Cherokee) but not a member, I was refused entry; however, the food and beer at J's more than made up for it. I could only imagine how many twists of fate occurred over a few frothy mugs at City Tavern? The nice thing about being a Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale is that even though we are technically a secret society, we do however welcome all into our presence. This is how we become unified through our diversity!

The only go
od thing out of my marathon flight home from Baltimore to Evansville, via Atlanta to Charlotte to Atlanta to Evansville, was that 29 hours later I finally had time to watch the Showtime Series, The Tudors, on my iPhone. The cinematography is amazing, the sets and props superb, and the acting fantastic. Not to mention the gratuitous sex and violence! I'm not sure how historically accurate these fables are, but being a Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale deprived of sleep, I was spellbound. Check it out!
Sir Hook of Warrick

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