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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sorry To Our Green Bay Knights...

A good friend of mine owns a bar here in Evansville, Indiana called “Legends.” Bill is a sports fanatic and makes any big televised game an event at his bar. The ultimate party is the ultimate televised game (at least here in America): The Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League. Now, one of the things Bill always does – if possible -- is feature a beer from the area that the teams are from. It's too bad the Green Bay Packers lost yesterday and won't be advancing to the championship game this year. If they had, Bill would be serving a variety of Leinenkugel's.

Still, here is some information on “The Pride of Chippewa Falls.”

The family has owned Jacob Leinenkugel's Brewing Co. for just over 140 years. Leinie fans of this Upper Midwest beer know it to be one of more creative brewers in the United States. These faithful take the creativity a step further and mix different flavors to create their own recipes (there are 11 different styles to work with).

Go to for more details.

So, this Super Bowl (or anytime) open up to a unique Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss, Honey Weiss, Red Lager, Creamy Dark, Sunset Wheat, or even a Big Butt Doppelbock and enjoy.

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


Sorry Scott, I really was on your side!

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  1. Having discovered this awesome Brewery last year, I keep my fridge in my basement/pub/speak easy/office full of all of the above. Besides, they use an Indian on their logo. OK, I'm a sucker for frigid Indian!