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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Survivor: Atlanta Airport (Airs Thursday's at 3am)

I originally intended on posting the next blog about 5 hours from now, after a good night's sleep in my own bed, about several brew pubs I visited in Washington, DC and Baltimore earlier yesterday; however, thanks to an unusual winter weather pattern I'm stuck in the Atlanta Airport posting this red-eye blog. It began January 16 at 5:25pm Eastern Time. I boarded my flight in Baltimore to Atlanta only to be delayed on the tarmack for 30 minutes due to weather in Atlanta. We took off and began to circle between Georgia and South Carolina for about an hour past our arrival time. That's when the Captain informed us that we had been re-routed to Charlotte to refuel and try to get back to Atlanta. We sat on the tarmack in Charlotte for another hour waiting to refuel and that's when everyones true colors began to show. One of the guys across the asle from me started to complain and I told him that we were actually in a hidden camera reality show, a new edition of Survivor. After 7 hours on a plane, long lines and no hotels, I sit here listening to vacum cleaners, cursing passengers and alarms set off by "don't give a shit if you're tired and about to kill me" workers! Stay positive, I tell myself as I try to sleep on a fake marble floor. Easier said than done, but a great lesson in patience. (My family Motto is: I overcome difficulties with patience.) Anyway, I've made up my mind that I'm going to win this damn show!

Sir Hook the Weary

1 comment:

  1. Patience: A perfect Knight quality.

    I'm reminded of this as I re-re-type this simple comment that keeps getting wiped out by the 1s/0s Devil.

    Anyway, we've had 1 to 3 inches around Evansville, so all of Vanderburgh County is shut down -- at least delayed.

    Thanks for the lesson.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar