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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

So what does this have to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Simple math really, the more gas you burn the less cash you have...or...
E=wf2. Yes, E means we've been f'ckd twice. We have an empty wallet and a not quit full gas tank.

However you look at it, paying for gas has become a pain in the ass. Or in my case, my front right pocket where I keep my credit cards.

Less we whine on forever; I have been reminded by Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire that we Americans have enjoyed low gas prices for decades. In fact, in England they are paying close to $10 per gallon. So Colonist, suck it up, ride your bikes, take a walk, or just stay home and tell you grand kids how you remember when you could buy gas for 35 cents a gallon. Of course, as I remember it, my wallet still remained empty. Oh well, everything is relative.

Sir Hook the Einstein of Warrick


  1. But, higher gas prices mean BEER prices will eventually go up. Then we have a revolt on our hands!!!

  2. Yep Gas prices here are £1 14pence a LITRE for Diesel. !! ( Aprox $2.28 per LITRE I'll leave you to do the metric to Imperial exchange.