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Monday, August 18, 2008

Calling All Knights

Hear ye, hear ye, calling all Knights of the KMSA Realm. A Call to Arms for all Brothers and Sisters to join in back to back Council Feasts!

You'll remember a few posts ago about the concept of joining in celebration if you're lucky enough, as we in the "Founding Garden of Southern Indiana", to have a large contingent of strapping lads and lovely ladies gather once a month in joint celebration of Our Unity Through Diversity.

Sir Hook hereby calls for such a gathering at the Brew HaHa to be held at the Evansville Museum on Saturday, September 27. Our October gathering will be the very next Saturday, October 4, at the Deer Head Tavern around 8pm to enjoy another session with the Shaggy Wonda boys from Bloomington. Of course, it is also our intent to have our other Brothers and Sisters in Arms to join in celebration where they can at the same time!

It is time to arise from our dungeons and become a Visible Force in our ever changing world. Recruiting new Knights and Ladies is needed as well. So, join me and Sir Bowie in these Grand Council Celebrations.

Sir Hook the Party Animal-Beta King during the Week-Alpha King on Saturday's of Warrick


  1. I'm sure Ladies Allwinky and Suzanne will be hoping the Knight in the picture will be there!!!

    Once a knight always a knight..Twice a night and youe doing alright!

    Sir dayvd

  2. Sir Hook,

    The 27th might be doable; however, we'll be in South Bend / Notre Dame on the 4th watching the Shaggy Irish.

    Sir Bowie and Lady Suzanne