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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Magical Hoosier Brewery Tour

It's late Sunday morning, perhaps early Sunday afternoon?  The House of Warrick & Greenbriar, along with a bevy of other Ladies and Knights of this regional realm invaded the "Southern Indiana Brewery & Winery Festival" last night, held as a benefit for The Southwestern Indiana Regional Council on Aging.  

We did our best to kill as many brain cells us encroaching seniors to be could, armed with a $25 ticket, a 2 ounce shot glass and all the brew you could swallow in copious 2 ounce amounts!  This morning I awoke feeling more like a bloated Walrus!  Coo..coo...cachoo!   The tale of "The Magical Hoosier Brewery Tour" began inside by sampling the best that Indiana Brewers and Distributors have to offer.  I must say that I'm proud to be a Hoosier because of the fine selections we found.  Some I was familiar with, others were just an amazing surprise.  It was a sensory overload of mind, taste buds and physical dexterity!

The first stop was at a selection of beers brought in by the Cavalier Distributing Company, from Indianapolis.  Jason Hepley turned us on to the Founders Brewing Company and some of their fine selections.  OK, I'll confess, their selections were not from Indiana, but at least it flows through the State.  Founders is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We sampled the Dry Hopped Pale Ale. Then we hopped over to the next selection they represented from Stone Brewing Company out of San Diego, CA., called Arrogant Bastard Ale.  Needless to say the name was attracting to me, and Lady Allwinky confirmed with Jason that I "fit the bill".  I'll let their advertisement speak for itself.

After I became one with Arrogant Bastard, I hopped back over to the Founder's selection for the next logical choice...Dirty Bastard! I was not disappointed.  Dirty Bastard is a Scottish type ale with a strong malty sweetness with hints of caramel and raisins, and at 8% alcohol it kicks some ass!  So where does an Arrogant-Dirty Bastard go after this?

Go find Dirty Helen! 

We found Dirty Helen pouring her sexy body into our glasses at the Barley Island Brewing Company, based in Noblesville, Indiana.  Dirty Helen was accompanied by her cell mate, Barfly IPA.  It was a coupling made in heaven.  Now we're sampling the best that Indiana has to offer!

Right next to Dirty Helen and her crew were a couple of fine lads, one being John Templet the head brewer, of a brew pub in Kokomo, Indiana called Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery. They name their brews after local celebrities and notable events and landmarks from Kokomo.  We sampled Elwood's IPA and Cannon Cream Ale.  I felt like hanging a Full Moon after firing the Cannon!

Across the way was another brewer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
 Warbird Brewing Company uses famous WWII aircraft to represent their beers.  My favorite was also my favorite plane of that era, the P51 Mustang...Gold Ale.  Next door to them was the Power House Brewing Company, based in Columbus, Indiana.  Their Power House Porter is one of the best Porter's I've ever tasted anywhere!

Finally, it was time to step outside for some fresh summer evening air and to sample what was some of the best of the evening.  Meeting us at the door was one of my favorite Indiana brewers, and the one I was most familiar with, Upland Brewery, based in Bloomington, Indiana.  I love their Upland Wheat Beer!  It makes me want to sing John Mellencamp songs all night!  

We then hit the plethora of beers offered by the Ohio Valley Hombrewer's Association who offered over 19 hand crafted-home brewed beers to choose from.  My two favorites were brewed in my home village of Newburgh, the Newburgh Wheat and a British Bitter.  By this time the conversation was flowing as freely as the beer.  I ran into one of my doctor's who disagreed with me on the best selections of the evening.  I questioned her knowledge about what drugs she has me on based on her beer selections!  It was a fun heckling session!

Afterwards we joined a crew of Knights and Ladies for more food and beer at the Deer Head Tavern on Columbia Street in Evansville.  We filled a room with a long table behind the band.  It was like a great hall of battle hardened lads with their lovely ladies watching over them as we celebrated into the evening.  The band was awesome, another product from Bloomington, called Shaggy Wonda.  They had a blend of rock, jazz and hooks galore in their original music.  I was very impressed, and I let them know after every song with my Cherokee Battle Cry!  I had a room mate in college whose aunt we called Wicked Wonda.  She would come to college and try to pick up all the young guys.  I was kinda fond of Wonda, as Neil Young sings.

It was a Magical night that we didn't want to end, so Lady Allwinky and myself closed down a new Pub in Newburgh, on the Ohio River, called the Abscher Ice House.  I finished the evening with one of my favorite Indiana selections from Three Floyd's Brewery, based in Hammond, Indiana.  It's called Alpha King Ale.  The label shows the results!
The Magical Hoosier Brewery Tour did not end last night.  In fact, we have a standing invitation to visit the lads at Half Moon in Kokomo and Jason Hepley is planning on a bus tour to the Founders Brewery in Michigan.  It's time for the Knights of Moleskine, Spirt and Ale to expand its influence in the Mid-West.  Tighten up your Bible Belts Boys, here we come!

Sir Hook the Shaggy-Arrogant-Dirty-Alpha King Bastard of Warrick


  1. Closed down a pub in Newburgh?

    We had a great night -- reminding us that we need to have many more!
    Sir Bowie

  2. Sir Cock of the WalkAugust 18, 2008 at 6:47 AM

    It was a pleasure to share some excellent brews with fellow Knights.

    I too have had the honor of closing the Abscher Ice House down recently. Actually, the Newburgh PD closed it as result of the band being "too loud"...I wish them great success and encourage all Knights to give them a try. It is a nice addition to our village.