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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dublin Village Tavern & the Urinals of Ireland

While Sir Bowie and Sir Dayvd have been doing a very fine job in blogging about "Heady" matters the past few days (in which I am also guilty of adding my humble observations to the "Pot" in the form of comments) I have been busy with business in Dublin. Dublin, Ohio that is! Now Dublin, being part of the greater Columbus, OH area is a very fine place to be. Almost everyone is of Irish descent. Green banners fly in the summer sky along the storied streets proudly marketing that "Irish is an Attitude". Something I know all too well being married to a Strapping Lass of Emerald Isle blood! It appears that I will be frequenting these parts often, like I was in Harrisburg, PA last year. So, of course, I have been shopping around the past few months for the perfect Pub to call home. Deciding to stay in Dublin instead of the Easton area, where Fado's is located, I am pleased to say that I have found the "McGrath's of Ohio" within the historic walls of the Dublin Village Tavern. Founded in 1889, the year my Grandfather John Thomas Baker was born, DVT on 27 South High Street has been an important "watering hole" for this fine community since that time. I knew I was home when I sat down at the bar and was immediately accepted as part of the community, something I don't always experience in my travels. Like McGrath's, it is also just a short distance from my hotel, so I can enjoy myself without legal worries. Above is a picture of the pub sign hanging above the entrance to the two story tavern. My immediate thought was that it could use the artistic touch of Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire (see yesterday's blog). The real "deal sealer"; however, of making the Dublin Village Tavern my new home away from home was my first trip to the urinal.

Greeting me there as soon as I opened the door was this full size picture of Marilyn Monroe. Now, no matter how old or young you are, you have to say that Marilyn had Mojo! I always had a fondness for her because her baptised name was Norma Jeane Baker. My mother's name was Doris Jeane Baker. Now, my mother never looked this sexy, which was probably a good thing for my mental health, but she did have a rather large personality about her. The funny thing was that I had finally signed on with my iPhone and read Sir Bowie's blog about Jessica Simpson's buying a beer company. I noted that I'd rather be drinking with Marilyn!

While standing at the urinal you are confronted with a montage collection of photographs of urinals from famous pubs and castles in Ireland, titled "The Urinals of Ireland". Now, I've always loved bathroom humor, but this brings it to a whole new dimension of subtlety! I was reminded of Sir Dayvd's blog on the see through bathrooms in Europe and of my own bathroom blogs from McGrath's and most recently, from Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville.

So, without further adieu, I give you the Urinal of the Dublin Village Tavern...

...and it's mirror image, Sir Hook of Warrick enjoying himself way too much in the bathroom! Of course this picture was taken on my last stop of the night after drinking 4 pints of Smithwick's. As Neil Young and the boys were singing 4 Dead in Ohio, I was singing 4 Flushed in Ohio!

Sir Hook the Traveling Urinal Minstrel of Warrick


  1. Sir Hook, welcome back.
    Yes, Kuhn is German. But, my mother is a Riley; therefore, I think I would very much enjoy the Dublin experience.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I would enjoy a trip with Sir Hook no matter what my name is or where he took me(well, not the bathroom and urinals!).

    Sir O'Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. Now wash your hands !!

    I don't know if its just me...but does it look to you like Marilyn has got midgets legs, going on there??...there's definitley some weird perspective happening between her head and her calves...

    I know she was a size 16...but a size 16 Midget???

    Maybe Bernie Taupin wasn't really looking from the 22nd row, but was up front and she looked like he was at the back of the stalls...

    Sir Drinkalot of Oxfordshire