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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Knight Roadtrip?

From time to time, I come across another interesting place that screams "Roadtrip!"

How about heading to Starkenberger brewery in Austria. Why?

The brewery has started offering spa treatments. Not just any ol' kind of spa treatment. Their offering a spa pool filled with 42,000 pints of lager.

Bosses say the warm beer baths can help blood circulation, treat skin condition and that Cleopatra used to take them to give her clean and tender skin.

But don't worry, you will not have to drink the warm booze which your hairy mate has been sat in, staff at the Starkenberg spa will bring cool beers to you.

A spokesperson for the spa said: "The beer pool is a fun experience for visitors of all ages. It provides the whole body with relaxation and recovers frayed nerves."

"These pools really can help some health problems - but if they don't work for you, you'll probably have drunk enough not to care about it any more," he added.

Roadtrip anyone! Or, closer, maybe we can talk Sir Hook into filling his pool with lager and having us all over.

Sir Bowie "Cannonball!" of Greenbriar


  1. This just makes me feel sticky...

    Lady T. who prefers her beers IN her belly, not ON it... of P-town.

  2. sticky...hmmmmmm

    Hooks is much closer...sounds like fun times are ahead of us if we can talk them into it before closing the pool for the winter!

    where do you find these ideas?!

  3. Sorry for being so late to comment. Been a busy week at the Hook Factory! Yes, pool is already closed but if you donate the beer, I will gladly fill it next year! LOL!

    Sir Hook Who Takes His Beer Anyway He Can of Warrick