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Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm In the Wrong Job!

Now i realise that this blog might be seen by some members of the KMSA as gratuitous female nudity (and believe me i searched the site long and hard for a male body for the Ladies to even things up, but strangely there were none.)

I also realise that there will be lots of Comments like " Curve Ball" and "getting to First Base " etc about the picture above, from Hooky (yes we have "3rd base is covered" too).

But you all know that being an artist i am interested in all manner of substrates that can be used to design on. So this blog goes out in the form of a plea to the Ladies of our group...I am having particular problem finding anyone to let me paint them, all with most Knightly chivalrous intentions I might add. Just look at the pictures below and see what can be achieved by a few bottles of paint...a few candles and a bit of mood music....and I could transform you into a work of art.

As for the Knights with Ladies out know what to do...Hoover the house and take the trash out while the Ladies soak in the hot tub...Cook them a romantic meal...(and wash up)....then get your Brushes out and get to work.
Sir D (whose phone number is available on request) of O


  1. Hooky reporting as requested...or is that as expected?! First, I'm disappointed that you would think I only think of "First Base" when my "Bat's Up"!

    Remember...You're Always A Winner When You Swing A Big Johnson in the Batter's Box!

    Then...this is not's art bargument! I believe that one started in Egypt and Greece many "Full Moon's" ago! What the farts are art too!

    Then to disguise your perverse wishes as being a sensitive male artist...well..OK...guilty of that myself, so I'll shut up!

    Anyway, I do love the baseball one...very creative...that is art...the rest of them I can't seem to get past the Canvas!

    Sir Hook Who Will Finger Paint for Free (Candle Light & Music Optional) of Warrick

  2. Dir Dayvd,

    I expect a "Cricket Theme" piece by you very soon. Maybe a "Wicket maiden"?

    And before you say anything, yes, I'm sure Lady Suz will volunteer for the mere fee of a round-trip ticket.

    Sir Bowie

  3. Dude. Seriously. If I was built even remotely like any of these young ladies I would be parading naked in the streets. I'd HAVE to be painted to keep from being arrested. But alas.

    Lady T (who now understands why Tom said he'd have to read this blog more carefully when he got home from work and who foolishly thought that that might be because it was something so deep and meaningful that he couldn't fully grok it and work at the same time) of P-town

  4. No, Honest Lady T...he'll be looking at the delicate brushwork.....the intricate use of color in the shaded areas, and the overall philisophical concept..

    But don't let him on the site page that shows the painted on lingerie....even I blushed LOl...

    I'm sure we could work a design of some sort on you Tam..;))

    Sir D ( Batter Up ) of O

  5. wow- send me your available dates, Sir D, since my husband is pimping me out!

    and I see naked bodies every day - I love my job!

    Lady Allwinky came by to see me just yesterday...hoping to get a peek ; )

  6. Easy there Tigers... I haven't sorted out the designs yet. send pictures to sketch on'm thinking something with a Beatle inspired motif....maybe the crossing at Abbey Road. I'm sure Bowie would Approve...;)

    So what's this...if i ever get taken to Hospital in the US... there's a good chance you'll have been selling tickets to Allwinky to come and have a look-see round the bedroom curtains.. I'm sure she's fond of those surgical gowns that don't fit right round the back, leaving your butt out in the cold..:))

    Sir D of O

  7. At the hospital, I work in an area with nursing mothers and infants (who are weighed naked...the infant, not the mom!)

    lots of naked bodies and breasts...aren't you jealous?!

    and Lady Allwinky (who works in ReHab)
    comes to visit our store doll
    who is named STELLA!!

    Lady Suz,
    proud parent of two works of art