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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sands for the Memories

Here's something we don't see a lot of in inland Oxford. One of my fondest memories of living in Harrisburg PA, was going into the East Mall one Christmas and marvelling at a team of guys literally sculpting a mountain of white sand into the most incredible Christmas tableaux. Its just something you don't see indoors in the UK.

This years sand castles competition in Oregon USA is equally stunning, and so I present it over to the KMSA, as another in our series of "Think Big" and "do something with your life preferably outdoors " and I hope this sends you all down to the mud on the banks of the Ohio with your buckets and spades.

Sir dayvd (who did once make a little sand Castle with a colored bucket and spade when he was 6) of O


  1. The only thing you could sculpt with Ohio River Mud is a rather large turd! Love sand sculptures, ice sculptures, metal sculptures, stone sculptures, etc.

    Great creativity and management of natural resources.

    Sir Hook the Sandman of Warrick

  2. love the sand sculptures - love the water even more!

    our Ohio river is beautiful in it's own way - mud and all

    Lady S, feeling the pull of the water this morning - may have to make a lake run today!

  3. Wow – a beautiful lesson in creativity, vision, talent, perseverance, patience, having fun, etc.

    And, of course, the impermanence of all things.

    Sir Bowie “Enjoy the beauty while you can; the tide is rising fast!” of Greenbriar

  4. noonish - off to the lake for the night - call if you're in the neighborhood and want to go to THE FOX!!

    sunshine, water, hunky is good : )

  5. Enjoy! I would love to go to the FOX; however, I'm stuck in Ohio until tomorrow. Lady A might be available.

    Sir Hook the Ring Master of the Traveling Medicine Show of Warrick

  6. Lady A available??,.. whoohoo lol...put her on a plane lol... plenty of pubs and partying here...