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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Victorian Midnight Cafe

Now that I'm recently recovered from my car theft with smashed window...

...a 5 hour drive home...playing at Mass last night as soon as I arrived home...and Fishbowls of Newcastle at the Knob with Lady A and's the postscript to yesterday's blog on the Victorian Midnight Cafe.

Tucked away in the Victorian Village and nearby art community close to the OSU campus...the Victorian Midnight Cafe is just the eccentric kind of place you would expect a Founding Father of KMSA to hang his hat...and beer belly.

Once you park on the side streets at night, you can imagine yourself walking the streets of Whitechapel just in front of Jack the Ripper as you prepare to get Ripped on Jack!

Now owned and operated by Andreas Kleinert, a native of Germany, and his wife Kristy Venrick, who runs the label Nilaihah Records for area bands, and is also a laboratory planner...the "Vic" serves up all day breakfast, authentic German Schnitzel, organic beef half-pound hamburgers, over 60 craft beers, and lots of original music.

From college kids, professors, burned out hippies, preppies, old farts like me and everywhere in between...the eclectic patrons of the "Vic" never fail to entertain or inspire!

Friday night was no exception, as I downed Schnitzel with Anchor Christmas Ale and listened to the Yogi Poets, the Rusty Strings, Apocalypso and Miss Molly. The highlights of the night were Apocalypso and Miss Molly.

Apocalypso is appropriately named.

Listening to their music is like reading Revelations on a Caribbean beach at a Prog Rock Convention! Complete with different masks that appear throughout the set...these guys bring it on with steel drums, percussion and bass! Here's a link to their MySpace page and a video clip I shot with my iPhone that evening:

Good Golly...Miss Molly is HOT!

Her music slices through the waves of Rockabilly, Swing, Jazz, Folk and Pop like the prow on a British Man-O-War! Here's a link to her MySpace page and another video clip I shot with my iPhone that evening:

So, the next time you end up in the Columbus area, be sure to check out the "Vic"!

Sir Hook the VICtor of Warrick


  1. Next time youre up there don't forget to go in Kafe Kerouac.


  2. As I mentioned in my last comment, I'd never heard of the Vic before this weekend, and this weekend I've heard of it twice. This really seems like the kind of place Tom and I will like - can't believe we've never been there before!

    Lady T.(who needs to get out more) of P-town.

  3. "Listening to their music is like reading Revelations on a Caribbean beach at a Prog Rock Convention!" ???

    That line alone was worth a broken windshield and hassle -- excellent.
    I don't know what it means, but excellent.

    Did you get the window fixed before you made the drive home?

    Sir Bowie

  4. Yes, I did get the window fixed before the frantic drive home for my musical engagement.

    The meaning of "Listening to their music is like reading Revelations on a Caribbean beach at a Prog Rock Convention!": Their name begins with the hint at the Apocalypse (which always reminds me of Revelations in the Bible) ends in Calypso, and with the steel drums there is the Caribbean...and the Prog Rock speaks for itself when you listen to their keys, musical structure and timings.

    I thought it was excellent myself! Of Course! LOL!

    Sir Hook the PROGnosis of Warrick