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Monday, November 9, 2009

Desert Rat

One of the beauties of living in this vast country we call the United States of America, is the ability to freely travel between different environs; desert, ocean, mountains, plains and everything in between.

Tiring of beating our own chest and travels...we received the following photos from KMSA Sir Richard the Lionheart of Beaver Creek...aka the "Desert Rat"!

Sir R (for Rat..LOL!) recently traveled to El Paso, Texas to reunite with his brother, and real knight, Colonel Chris Courtney of the United States Army.

So, what happens when you get two Irish-Americans and throw them into the wilds of Texas and New Mexico?

Dune Boarding!

Reckless Abandon!

Desert Mirage' meeting Elvis & Marilyn Monroe!

And an unlimited supply of Cactus byproducts like Mescal!

Party on Dudes of the Dunes!

Sir Hook the Travelogue Journalist of Warrick


  1. Yeah the UK needs dunes...we are very short of deserts on this island. We need one just to do Dune Boarding on.. Top Stuff.

    Scenery is the USA's big thing...apart from getting shot

    ( at which point I bow my head to the Brit Travelling Knight who got shot in a pub/bar holdup in Amarillo, at the weekend, where he had detoured to, simply because he liked the song, Sir, I salute your spirit of adventure, as my run ins with various US Gun Nuts over the years makes me think there is a similar bullet with my name on it, sitting in a chamber in a cupboard somewhere )

    Marilyn and photo.

    Sir D (who doesn't think of the future if he can help it...but who has started tucking into Burritos cos apperently he is due to go to a Cancun swimming pool some time he has just been told...:)

  2. I'm not a big fan of sand in my crack, but that looks awesome.

    So, Marilyn and Elvis were just roaming the desert? That is interesting.

    Where's a shot of cactus beer?

    Sir Bowie of "far from a desert" of Greenbriar

  3. Sorry to hear about he Chap in Amarillo. I had a friend who was shot to death one week after moving to Houston at a Gas Station while he was filling up his car during a robbery. Texas still grows some crazy cowboys and Mexicans!

    Apparently, Elvis and Marilyn were in the desert to shoot a commercial...and our wondering lads of KMSA just happen to circle the wagons during the shoot.

    Though, it would be more interesting if Elvis and Marilyn were still alive in the Desert. They were close to Hanger 54!

    Sir Hook the Cactus Pete of Warrick

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! Need to do this someday before we get too old to dune surf!

    Lady Allwinky of Warrick!

  5. Hey fellow Knights and Ladies.....the dune sledding was an interesting have to wax your sled bottom like crazy with wax sticks they provide at the ranger station. We had to drive over 9 miles back into the vast 275 sq mile White Sands area to find the REALLY big dunes. Apparently alot of companies shoot commercials back in the White Sands area...because it provides such an unusual back drop.

    I had the chance to have several ales with US army folks last Friday night from Fort Bliss...and the the somberness of military folks over the tragedy that occurred at Ft Hood....and the shattered trust servicemen will now have for safety on even their OWN post......very sad indeed.

    It was an incredible bonding weekend for brother Chris and I....will not forget the times we had and talks we had.


    Sir Richard