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Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Beer Gifts and...

You would think with all the trouble around the world a truly caring soul would create a United Nations of Beer or something.

No, wait. It's already been done. Welcome to the United Nations of Beer website

The United Nations of Beer champions the cause of beer lovers around the world.
To aid us in the promotion of great beer (and great fun) in all corners of the beer world, we appoint honorary UNOB Beer Delegates.

These amazing guys and gals submit beer ratings, visit the world's best bars, breweries and beer festivals.

Want a piece of that action? To be a Delegate for your state, province or country, visit our Beer Jobs page.


Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Secretary General of the UNOB

This site has a little of everything, from the sublime or ridiculous, including a list and review of some awesome Beer Gifts.

For example:

* Beer Blaster

* Beer mug and bottle Christmas lights
* Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers
* Radio controlled yodeling and hopping lederhosen

And sooooo many more!

Have fun exploring the site and happy shopping!

Sir Bowie "Not quite ready for the Beer Belly Button Ring" of Greenbriar


  1. Heh ..yeah Beer wsn't that far from where we were in the summer.

    Next time eh? Boys and girls ???

    sir D. of O

  2. Road Trip! Prepare the Horses and Minions! Release the Hounds! Tap the Kegs! Tilt the List! Wag the Dog! Tickle the Pickle! BEEEEERRRRRR!

    Sir Hook Who Doesn't Need An Excuse to Travel for Beer of Warrick

  3. You know..Killer Rabbit slippers would make a great gift for one of your bowling teammates...and besides, if you cyber shop, that will leave more time for beer on the shopping night.

  4. oh John, won't the killer rabbits scare Mindy Sue?