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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open Heart, Open Mind

In private emails between Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire and this Errant Knight, we have debated about the paranoia that is strangling the minds and hearts of fair-minded citizens of the world.

Last night in Columbus I had the choice to go see the paranoid throngs pay homage to their goddess of the moment, Sara Palin, who was in town at Boarders to sign her book, Going Rogue.

Instead I chose to go to the Victorian Midnight Cafe for authentic German Schnitzel, Anchor Steam Christmas Ale, and great local music, which I will expand on in tomorrows edition.

I reflected on what it means to keep and open heart and an open mind as the music bathed my soul...which is also the title of my collection of original songs I began to write after my open-heart surgery 7 years ago. A few thousand dollars and many hours later, my CD is almost ready to go to mastering and press.

As I drive home today I will reflect on, and invite you to do the same, what it means to have an open heart and open mind in today's world. Here's the lyrics from the chorus of the theme song to help you with this exercise:

Don't waste life
Pleasing men
Be true to yourself
Live again

Don't fear life
Don't fear death
Don't fear your destiny
For happiness

Blessing to you all!
Sir Hook the Traveling Troubadour of Warrick


  1. Well...first thought for the day is I'll be driving home without any music. When I was walking to my car to load up to head home at the hotel, I discovered that my window had been smashed and that my iPod and my Garmin GPS, along with business cards and membership cards where stolen.

    The iPod can be replaced and the music is on my computer at home; however, Gwenneth, my GPS with the female British accent, which guided us through the streets of the UK this past July is a significant loss for me. OK, Sir D...NOW I'M HAVING FREAKIN' KITTENS! LOL!

    I'm still in Columbus at an Auto Glass repair shop to replace my window, just finished filing a police report and calling my insurance.

    Oh could be much worse!

    Here's to the sound of silence on the way home. I'll make sure I don't cut my arse on some glass.

    Sir Hook the Violated Troubadour of Warrick

  2. awww furk.. My heart goes out to you H.. real sorry for you buddy.. Yeah your philosophies will all now go into overdrive on the way home...making you the humanist defending the scum that do this sort of thing,... but it still takes a lot of overcome the normal human emotion of injustice and anger and the wish to go buy a Magnum and shoot up the town.

    Still bite on the bullets instead of firing them H...and when lady A gives you a big hug'll be the one sitting in the cosy big house with a big warm bed, and you'll know that whoever did this will never be as happy and contented as you.

    then get up next morning and go buy a big Gun . LOl...

    Sir D of hangemhighville

  3. Ok, first off - you gotta give me a jingle one of these times when you're in Columbus. This weekend my Martini Club met on Friday and my Drinking Skeptically Club met on Saturday...

    Second - I had never heard of the Victoria Midnight Cafe before this morning - when I read another friends post about a concert he'd seen there Thursday night. I will be very anxious to hear if you were at the same show and to compare reviews if indeed you were.

  4. Post script: I went to the Easton Apple store before I left town to buy a new iPod (Nano this time) and a cable to hook up my iPhone to my car stereo so that I could listen to music on the way home.

    I remained calm while I called a couple of card companies to report stolen, listened to some great music and reflected on a open heart and open mind. I prayed that the thieves would enjoy my iPod and music selection as much as I did and that they would treat Gwenneth with respect.

    Pulled into St. John's just in time to plug in the guitar and our trio played some beautiful and inspiring music last night. Afterwards, we retired to Knob Hill Tavern for Pizza and Fishbowls of Newcastle amongst laughter and stories!

    All better now, and I didn't go buy a gun!

    Lady T...I promise to give you a shout out next time. I was at the VIc on Friday night. Here's the website:

    Sir Hook the VICtor of Warrick

  5. Sir Hook,

    There is a Life Lesson there somewhere -- a moment to stop and be aware. As Gwenneth would say, "Recalculating, recalculating."

    Sir Bowie

  6. Would be Nice if Gwynnth, when she was replugged back in....had a little widget tucked away in her circuits that would automatically wifi phone the Police on 911 and in her lovely English voice...explain that she had been stolen and gave out tracking coordinates constantly... so the troopers could just come round and pick up who ever bought or stole her.. heh...

    ..( this is my compromise where she simply blows up the car she is put in with a rod of 50mm x 10mm C4 wired next to the voice box )

    Sir D ( who wonders if his father was really Judge Dredd LOL ) of O

  7. I like the blowing up idea! Recalculating Mr Phelps!

    Sir Hook the MI6 of Warrick