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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Long Lost Relative?

Yesterday's post on the old Kuhn Brewery in St. Louis led Sir Dayvd to send me a link to another possible long lost Kuhn relative: Dieter Kuhn, Brewmaster.
In a microbrewery in downtown Sylva, NC, German-born brewermaster Dieter Kuhn and his wife Sheryl Rudd are creating light and refreshing German beer made with wholesome grains, fresh hops & no preservatives. All beers are keg conditioned and non-filtered, making them smooth and lighter in body.

We specialize in altbeer — the style brewed in the warmer regions of Germany since the early days of brewing. ‘Alt,’ the German word for ‘old,’ is a synonym for the traditional, old way of brewing dark, top-fermented beer.

I love this image from their website:

What's a Heinzelmännchen?

Heinzelmännchen are gnome-like creatures found in the Black Forest of Germany. They are rarely seen, however always helpful to creatures and people alike.

According to German folklore, the Heinzelmännchen visit proprietors during the night to assist with chores, so when the proprietor awakes he has more time to give back to his community. They have been celebrated in poem and song for their cheerful and helpful attitude.
At the Brewery, they keep a watchful eye on the beer at night and take care of any unfinished jobs so Dieter and Sheryl can concentrate on brewing the best beer, keeping their customers happy, and helping their neighbors.

Sir Bowie "already trying to get the Kuhn name discount" of Greenbrair

Sir Bowie "hoping there is a free beer for Kuhn sir name" of Greenbrair


  1. Excellent research Sir D! Sir Bowie...can you spell...ROAD TRIP! I feel a Kuhn family reunion coming on!

    The gnome shadow is a little freaky...but nothing a few non-filtered Kuhn's won't take care of!

    Sir Hook Who's Always Up for a Brew Trip of Warrick

    P.S. You need to invite him to join the KMSA!

  2. After anothing hard day at work...once again i can't help but feel i'm in the wrong job. Brewing Beer is got to be where its at , surely.

    I'm sure, domestic bills aside, Dieter and Sheryl must be in kitty heaven in that place. I love their website and marketing plan...create a perfect natural product in the old european way, then add a delightful tale and character to the mix... and bingo your away...

    looks like a bunch of old knights sitting on that wall....hold on?.. isn't that a similar picture to the wine fest blog from yesterday??

    Of O

  3. I say we need to brew our own KMSA beer and open a chain of Pubs across the world!

    At the very least, Sir Bowie and Sir Cock of the Walk are trying to talk me into partnering with them in buying Legends Bar at the Bowling Alley.

    I'm afraid I would drink all my profits!

    Sir Hook the Fantasizer of Warrick