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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rockport Pioneer Days

Sir Bowie with the wardrobe panels he put together to make a television/display case.

He began with a few pieces, built and stained the rest to match and created a beautiful and useful piece of furniture for the Rockport Pioneer Village museum.
more woodworking projects in the museum

"Squire Kuhn" and his pioneer wife, the schoolmarm...with the camp kitchen, storage box to contain coolers and food, and camp chairs (all designed and built by Sir B)

Traveled through the time warp of Southern Indiana this past weekend...

listening to Reba and driving past roads named
Two Story Road and Shady Lane,
past the county roads identified only by number, or family names...
past signs for the Misty Morn Safe Company out in the country surrounded by corn that's ankle high already...
A sign to Midway ( midway of what?)
a sign advertising O'Risky real estate
a country church marquee "God's suggestions for exercise:
knee bends"
a little white farmhouse with red roses climbing midst the Christmas lights strands
the volunteer firemen passing with bluelights flashing on their pick up trucks

Some of the highlights:
enjoying the delicious meals prepared by Sir B in dutch oven cooking over the open fire,
time with Sir James of Taylor and Lady Gwendolyn, a visit by Sir Cock of the Walk and Lady Melinda...
watching the sheep shearing, candle-making, tomahawk throwing, musket-shooting, having Sunday morning church service on puncheon benches in a log church...
portraying a schoolmarm in the pioneer schoolhouse, even had a frog come spend the day inside with me finding the coolness of the dirt floor, teaching children about the old ways of learning,
sitting around the campfire at night with friends old and new...sipping homemade wines and ales...making and wishing on falling stars...
crawling inside the tent for a good nights sleep to get up and do it all again the next day

and coming home on Sunday evening, sunburned and sweaty, tired and looking forward to air conditioning and showers...and talking about what we'll do in October when it's Pioneer Weekend again!


  1. Hey SchoolMarm... Looking Good in your pioneer outfit :)) Got any detention back there?

    Of O

  2. Sounds like fun...count us in on a visit in October!

    Sir Hook the Pioneer Who Prefers Hotels of Warrick

  3. there was a frog that appeared, did a mischief-filled boy bring him to school??

    Lady Allwinky has visited before, pull up a tent and join the group!