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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rock the Vote!

My song "Traveling Down the Road" just got accepted in a MySpace music competition for a chance to win a MySpace Records contract and $10,000 in Fender gear.

OK, I know this is selfish promotion...but what are friends for?! So Knights and Ladies share the music and support Sir Hook! If I win, I'll throw one hell of a party!

Sir Hook the Shameless Promoter of Warrick (aka: dkWells)


  1. wonderful news!
    like Chicago - can we vote often??

    really like the music,
    woke me up with morning coffee

    Lady Suz,
    who knows that life's one sure traveling companion is God

  2. okay, don't think this is too weird...I went to dkwellsmusic and clicked on to play the songs...turned it up and I could listen to my friend singing as I made the bed and took care of morning I prepare for Thursday church with my ladies who range from age 40-95...the great life lessons we share as we meet and pray for joys and concerns of the world

    gotta say it again - wonderful words, music and voice, my friend!

    keep soaring!

  3. Lady Suzz...thanks for the kind words. Glad I could help you along with some housework today!

    Yes, vote often...Who know????!!!

    Just got off the phone with Fast Break Music in LA who are going to try to place three of my songs in some film projects their working on.

    Sir Hook dkWells of Warrick