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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hog Heaven II

No, not an Elvin Bishop album!

The Owensboro, Kentucky International Bar-B-Q Fest

(Above image from festival and used for shock value only)

Seems that we're always in search of the BEST beer to drink...

but what about the worst?

I recently read an article that stated, "According to a survey of over 2,000 people in 80 countries, the United States is number the production of horrible beer."

China is right at our heels in second place.

Below is a list of worst beers in the world as rated by the thousands of beer enthusiasts at Dare to try them?

Now, before you read the list, I have to tell you this. This past weekend Lady Suzanne and I went to Owensboro, Kentucky to visit her mom and attend the International Bar-B-Q Festival.

Afterwards, Sir Lance, his son Sir Brian-still-yet-to-pick-his-official-name, and I went to a local package store to pick up a few beers for the inaugural "Let's get together and sample beers in Betty's garage while we wait for the bar-b-q to be served."

On the top shelf of the first beer cooler were the first four of these five beers:

1 Olde English 800 3.2 Miller Brewing Company (MillerCoors) 0.97 50 Malt Liquor
2 Natural Ice Anheuser-Busch InBev 1.02 703 Malt Liquor
3 Natural Light Anheuser-Busch InBev 1.03 999 Pale Lager
4 Milwaukees Best Miller Brewing Company (MillerCoors) 1.05 741 Pale Lager
5 Michelob Ultra Anheuser-Busch InBev 1.05 984 Pale Lager

I read this list and was SHOCKED!

Why? I'm proud (or ashamed) to say, that I've had all of 5 of them at one time or another.

For a complete list you may visit our friends at:

Sir Lance, Sir Brian, and I opted to try a few other beers including a couple that Sir Lance had brought up from Sweetwater Brewing Company in Georgia.

Sweetwater's slogan (a fishing theme): Don't Float the Mainstream!

We did pick up one beer (on Brian's suggestion of, "This is so bad you've got to try it!"): Steel Reserve. It was awful.

I'm skipping around here, but I would have to say that the worst beer (other than ones with a surprise of an extinguished cigarette butt in it) would have to be:

Hop n Gator (which I "enjoyed" when I was 13 or 14).
Brewed by Iron City Brewing Style: Fruit Beer Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
It was some sort of "Citrus malt beverage" that made me gag!

This year's winner of our Inaugural "Bar-B-Q Festival Taste 'em If You Got 'em in Betty's Garage" tasting: Rogue's Dead Guy Ale, a German-style Maibock

Sir Bowie "already thinking a next year" of Greenbriar


  1. men in the garage...women in the kitchen...I did try a sip as I cooked up mac-n-cheese to go with the mutton...ironically Sir Lance is probably the best cook of us year??

  2. Great List there B. there is some serious Horse Urine in amongst that lot... Amazed that Rolling Rock is not amongst them. (yetch)

    Luckily America's craft brewers are fighting back wonderfully, and grabbing a good share of the market.
    we could do with more Microbreweies in the UK. Some good local county pubs are doing their own favouriyr local one being in nailsworth in the Cotswolds.

    sir D ( who is having notions of getting a home brew book from the library and setting up a brewery in the bathroom....i mean how hard can it be? ) of O

  3. I'm with you Sir D on trying the home brew deal. I have a perfect place in a huge basement closet to open my own Speak Easy Brewery!

    Actually, I like Rolling Rock, really cold on a really hot day! All the other's...PISS OFF!

    I was never the same after coming back from living in the UK in the late 70's. No American Horse Piss Big Brewery Lager (with the exception of BPR a classic) has passed my lips since.

    I will say that our MicroBrews are now kicking your ROYAL ARSE!

    The Rogue brews are awesome...and I'll be swilling back some Sweet Water brews tonight in Nashville!

    By the way, I absolutely love Elvin Bishop's Hog Heaven album! Got drunk to that many a time in the woods of Land Between the Lakes during college!

    Sir Hook the Uncommitted Home Brewer of Warrick