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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Being A Nonconformist

Emerson said, "Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist." I couldn't agree more! Not to be sexist (That's why I honorably cropped certain "naughty bits" from the original sent to me by Sir Duke of Conlin ) but it appears that this statement should hold try for whoso would be a woman.

Nonconformity in its non destructive state is one of the benchmarks of a Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale. We are driven to seek the truth in all things, to express life in its fullest, and to communicate this to those we encounter. It is the essence of Unity through Diversity.

So, the next time you hear someone say, or yourself for that matter, "I would never do that!" Stop and ask, WHY?! You might be surprised by your answer, and your might realise that either you already know the truth, or you will have to unlearn "your truth" to begin anew. This is the great challenge and battle that a true Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale must face to bring his gifts to the world. Do not fear is a great spiritual lesson, so I bow before the Lady in this photo (obviously a Lady of MSA who doesn't know it yet) who is strong enough to ride through a camp holding a beer between her breasts. As Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire says, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder!"

Carry on my wayward sons and daughters,
SIr Hook of Warrick, NC

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  1. Sir Hook,

    I'm not sure at all what you're saying; I might have to come back to this one several times and reread it.