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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Journey of a Thousand Beers...

A few posts ago I wrote about “quests.”

Ever since then, the word “quest” seems to be popping up more often – I guess I’ve gotten in sync with the same wavelength of quests.

So, it was no surprise when I came across the following site this morning for “The Quest of the Holy Grain”:

Your quest today should be to check this out. Their Mission Statement reads:

Our mission is to enrich our lives with meaning through the pursuit of the Holy Grain. A man who drinks 1,000 different beers is a man of accomplishment. The Quest gives meaning and direction to even the most worthless life. To be a Questor, you are no longer a man with a drinking problem, you are a man with a purpose.

Here is what you have to do (according to the Quest Code of Conduct):

  • To enter the ranks of the Grainy Order of Questors you must begin in the attempt to drink 1,000 different beers in your lifetime or sooner.
  • You must document your Quest.
  • A beer is considered a full serving, not a taste or a sampling. Normally, 12 fluid ounces shall be the minimum requirement for conquering a beer.

According to the web site, there are 8 Living “Questors.” You can find them under the heading of “Questor Files.” Scroll down to the bottom and meet Walter the First.

Other Pages include (this should link to them):

Home Page

Documenting Your Quest

Questors' Files

Questor Resources

Hall of Holy Grainers

Best Brew Pubs

Best Beer Bars

Best Beer Retailers

The Boneyard

Beer Glassware

Beer Events

Beer Wisdom

Beer Holidays

Useful Links

So, good Knights, Log on to and enjoy reading about one noble quest!

Sir Bowie “I’m Jealous” of Greenbriar


  1. Thats some serious quest. I love reading the data tho.. made me want to go get a Poachers.

    Sir dayvd

  2. Now that is a Quest for the Holy Grail of Grain! According to my World Beer Tour documentation, I am standing at 220 different beers. To the best of my calculations, I have sampled an estimated 100 additional varieties over the course of my drinking life. That would account for only 320. Now I can see why there are only 5 Questers in the world. You either will end up fat, broke or dead trying...but what the hell, it sure would be a fun endeavor!

  3. Hooky, i hate to break it to you..but, we are all going to end up Fat, Broke and Dead we might as well go drink beer and enjoy the ride...

    Sir Dayvd ( the cheery realist ) of Oxford