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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Most Unusual Gin

Taking a cue from Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire when he shared how the English switch from the heavy beers to a more refreshing "summer drink" like Pimms No.1 Cup, and his latest adventure at Tesco, I had to go to Sam's Club to replenish my office supplies and came across this Gem of a Gin.

Of course, being in marketing, a was an immediate sucker for their positioning statements: A Most Unusual Gin, Loved By a Tiny Handful of People All Over the World, It's Not for Everyone, A Gin Made Oddly, Preferred By 1 out of 1,000 Gin Drinkers.

Now, how can a guy like me resist such a temptation to be 1 of a 1,000 Unusual and Oddly Made Person of the World. I wasn't disappointed when I opened the cork top and poured my first drink on a balmy 90 degree Friday afternoon!

Hendrick's is a hand crafted gin made in Scotland, where the technique they use "bathes" the gin in vapours instead of boiling, and as they say, "The fact is no other gin tastes like Hendrick's, and this truth only enhances the experience."

From their advert, "Despite the possibilities of surprise, most people shy away from what is odd. Our gin is for those rare individuals who are excited by what is strange and different." Sounds like a battle cry for the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale!

Best of all, they compare the odds of drinking Hendrick's like two people in love. "When you meet is everything. You must encounter Hendrick's at a time in your life when you are fully open to the deliciousness of new possibilities, no matter how unusual they may be."

Lady Allwinky and I sat by the pool like two people in love and toasted the evening away by encountering life and all it's delicious new possibilities while Hendrick's Gin and Jimmy Hendrix helped us to "Kiss the Sky"!

Sir Hook the Odd of Warrick


  1. I understand the importance of being positive, but sometimes it's REFRESHING to see such candor.
    Sort of the old, "If Unique is What You Seek" line of advertising.

    Candor is very disarming. Every negative statement you make about yourself is usually believed. Positive statements, on the other hand, are almost always looked at as dubious at best. Especially in an advertisement.

    Sir Bowie I tend to run away from "best" and "experts.") of Greenbriar

  2. Yep...the old ..make the punter feel extra special trick everytime...

    Everyone thinks they are why not pander to it.

    That Scottish Copywriter was on poetical fire that morning.. and probably down to the bar at lunchtime for a pint of heavy and a shepherds pie with veg. mmm

    Now i'm hungry. time for dinner....

  3. Hieronymus StoneJuly 15, 2008 at 7:06 AM

    Sir Hook the Odd,

    May I humbly suggest that you, as "an unusual and oddly made person of the world," might enjoy our highly acclaimed web publication of all things peculiar, The Unusual Times. Furthermore, I would like to inform you that as you and your kith appear to be first rate tipplers, I have added Knights of Moleskine, Spirit & Ale to our link list. May you continue in your pursuit of "thinking, drinking, and being merry," although hopefully not quite in that order.

    Hieronymus Stone
    Editor in Chief