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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last night Lady Allwinky and myself joined Sir Bowie and Lady Suzanne for the 20th and Final ROCK-A-HULA party held at Sir William of Kegler's bowling ally, converted into a Hula Rock Fest Hall. I will defer to Sir Bowie on the history of this storied event, since I am a relative virgin, at least until last night when my Cherry got popped! In the picture above is Sir Bowie being attacked by a rather large Parrot, while Sir William is in the background wondering what the hell is going on! Notice also one of the most unique features of the evening...

The Bowling Pin shaped Budweiser bottle! Or should I say InBev bottle? I wonder if Belgium will embrace Bowling?

We began the evening in the main bowling area, which has plywood laid over the lanes to create a dance floor and additional seating. The party spills over into the "Legends" bar, a true American bar, where the party originated 20 years ago. Outside the bar is a beer garden with decks and tiki torches for a quieter environment. Here we see Sir Seamus of Marion's band, Avalanche Rose, warming up the crowd.

Sir Seamus is trying his best to look like a cross between a Carribean Pirate, Tom Petty and John Lennon. Only Sir Seamus, being the ecletic being that he is, can pull this off.

Towards the end of the evening we were setting outside in the beer garden and were joined by some old friends who became members of KMSA last night. I am honored to introduce to you Sir Charles of Warrick and Lady Deja of Vu.

Roast pig, hot sauce, rock music, flowing beer, Comeoniwannalaya Pucnh, Elvis movies, old and new doesn't get much better than this! This errant Knight was glad that he attended the last Legend's ROCK-A-HULA!

Sir Hook-A-Hula of Warrick


  1. As my head is still a little foggy (didn't leave until a couple hours after the author of this post), I will wait until tomorrow to post my thoughts on twenty years of Rock-A-Hula. Needless to say -- Lady Suzanne and I had a bitter sweet time.

    This is the final RAH, as it's grown out of control (I've been and volunteered at most). Like many areas of our society, I noticed hundreds of people last night telling Sir William how much they will miss the event. Seems everyone wants to go to the party, but very few will host his own!

    Thanks to Bill for being one of the few!

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. LOve the Skittle Bottles. How much does it hold? I'd be tempted to drink ten of them and bowl things at them on the carpet at home...

    Sir Dayvd

  3. What a Saturday it was! Yes, myself (Sir Charles of Warrick) and Lady Deja of Vu are honored to be the latest members of KMSA. Any place or party that roasts pig, has good live music, plays old elvis movies and has beer flowing till early am hours is a type of place I try finding any time of the year but especially in summer. Doesn't beer go down much better when its hot enough to fry an egg on pavement!

    This was my first and last time to witness this great event at Legends Lounge. Hats off to Sir William of Keglers and countless others who helped make this a huge sucess for 20 years. I alway's heard this bash was one to witness and agree totally.

    Thanks for the memory Sir William of Keglers. Also a special thanks to Sir Hook of Warrick for letting us become the newest members of KMSA. We will do our best to uphold the by-laws and have dedicated ourselves to

    "Journaling, Drinking Good Beer and a Spirtual Way of Life." "Libertas de Juditium. Unitas per Variantia."

    Sir Charles of Warrick aka "Stan Weaver" and Lady Deja of Vu aka "Tracy Rice".