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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three Monks, Fish Bowls & Two Ladies of the Knights

The Tale of the Three Monks, Fish Bowls & Two Ladies of the Knights begins on a post stormy evening on the west side of Evansville at the Gerst House...where you can get guns, ammunition, food and plenty of great German Bier! Actually, you can't get guns and ammunition anymore since it was converted from an old neighborhood hardware store into a haven for the worlds finest beers.

Spaten North America, Inc. put on a Knight of authentic German bottle openers made in China, a drawing for a logo bicycle and a trip for two to Munich. Of course they also made sure that the evening was full of big breasted bar maids, thirsty Arians and Bratwurst. Greg Pilch, Regional Manager of Spaten North America was our gracious host who promises to send us glassware for a mention in our blog!

Here are the Three Monks of KMSA, Sir Bowie, Sir Hook and Sir John. Sir Bowie and Sir John are actually brothers, if you couldn't tell, and of mostly German stock. I on the other hand are what you affectionately call a Mutt. On a scale of 10 I am 5 parts English, 2 parts Cherokee Indian, 2 parts German and 1 part Irish. I prefer to just think of myself as a Tomahawk Wielding Germanic Celt with Manors. As you can see Sir Bowie and Sir John look strikingly ready to enlist in the great tradition of Monastery Brewers. I on the other hand look ready to enter into an Anteaters Contest.

A great tradition of Evansville Bars and Taverns is the Fish Bowl, roughly the same as a pint in size and named as such because you can fill it with water and gold fish if you rather. Proudly displaying the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale coaster, a glistening Fish Bowl of Franziskaner Weissbier is being readied to take the Sir Hook Express!

Of course, as in any fine drinking establishment, the girls all get prettier as the beer flows and the clock turns. However, in our case, our girls are already pretty. Here is Lady Allwinky, the better half of Sir Hook, and Lady Suzanne, the better half of Sir Bowie, joining us in a Fish Bowl Toast to all things KMSA!

Sir Bowie captures the essence of the evening with his Fish Bowl Glow and shit eating grin. A fine Knight for a fine night. We didn't win the bike, the trip to Munich isn't drawn until November, but we did do the Knights proud in an evening of fun, laughter and great beer. After all, our mission is to Think, Drink and Be Merry!

Sir Hook the Drunken Monk of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. "Fish Bowl Glow and Shit Eating Grin"

    There is a song in there somewhere.

    It's been one screwed up week.
    Big Changes on the horizon (though I don't know what they'll be, yet)
    So, I needed a great (K)night out.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar