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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Knight and Old Taverns

Sir Dayvd’s post about the British Pub Crises got me thinking about our own versions of pubs here in the U.S.

A quick look under “Taverns” in the Yellow Pages shows over 60 in Evansville and surrounding areas (I know of dozens more not listed). They range from small neighborhood taverns on the city’s West Side, to taverns out in the old German communities where county roads cross every 10 miles or so.

Many are named after owners such as Buck’s, Becky’s, Bullock’s, Smitty’s and Spanky’s. There are also taverns scattered about the countryside named after the community they are in: Darmstadt, St. Phillip, St. Joe, Old Buckskin. One of my favorites is on top of a hill on the west side. It’s called The Hilltop (not very imaginative, but great Brain Sandwiches!).

I believe that I will make it my quest to visit each one before they -- or I -- fade away, leave a Knights of Moleskine, Spirit, and Ale coaster, and report my experience on this blog.

I promise to look for the good in every one.

This should be one happy journey; I hope that many of you can join me from time to time.

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. I like the names of your taverns being named after the owners or the owners grandfather etc,.

    Actually that was Hookys Blog...and i thought i sent a long comment back to him about how it is nowhere as bleak as the piece made out... so i'm not sure how this comment /blog system works, but i presume when Hooky surfaces out of bed he will approve the comment and put it up on the blog for you to read.

    So fear not you knights out there... come to England there really are a huge amount of Olde Worlde really original pubs still here for you to savour.

    Sir dayvd

  2. A Noble Quest indeed, Sir Bowie! I will endeavor to join you as much as possible, as well as do this myself! One question, do we get to wear the Robin Hood looking Red Felt Hats with the Yellow Feather?

  3. Official Drinking Hats?
    Excellent idea. By which style?
    · Berets
    · Cowboy Hats
    · Dress Hats
    · Fedoras
    · Greek Fisherman
    · Ball Caps
    · Newsboy Caps
    · Panama Hats
    · Porkpie Hats
    · Rain Hats
    · Straw Hats
    · Walking Hats

  4. I think Berets are in order for the Warrior Class!